Off The Wall Bonus!

Team Members

  • Robogirl - +1 Nin Strength, +3 on Reaper missions
  • TicTac - +400% Friend Points on Missions!

Team Bonus

  • +3 Levels
  • +2 Stamina per mission

Total Bonuses from Team and Members

  • +1 Nin Strength, +3 on Reaper missions
  • +2 Stamina per mission
  • +3 Levels
  • +400% Friend Points on Missions!


  • This team is likely claiming that the characters Kon and Orihime from Bleach are crazy.


  • One of the best early-Season teams in the game, especially in S2+. 2 Stamina back per mission is normally impossible until at least Special Jonin, so this can really help plow through lower rank missions to get allies.
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