Got Your Nose

Team Members

Team Bonus

  • +3 Nin Strength, +3 Nin Range!

Total Bonuses from Team and Members

  • +4 Levels
  • +4 Nin Strength
  • +5 Nin Range
  • +1 Nin Levels (Total of 5 due to "+4 Levels" bonus)
  • -50% Ryo


  • This team is a reference to the period where Orochimaru trains Sasuke in Naruto.


  • The primary use for SNAKEMAN setups used to be to avoiding leveling. The XP/AP penalty was quite useful if your goal is to avoid getting any attribute to 18 in an attempt to avoid looping. That's not possible anymore since SNAKEMAN now provides a Ryo penalty instead of an AP penalty, or necessary anymore since you are no longer forced to loop at high levels. That makes this team pretty much useless for its old main purpose. Aside from that, this is a Ninjutsu heavy setup, with plenty of Nin range and strength, and lots of levels to back it up. It might be useful for B and A-Rank Nin missions.
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