Fathers Know Best Bonus

Team Members

  • Big Bo - +2 Taijutsu Strength and +2 Taijutsu Levels
  • Big Ro - +2 Genjutsu Strength and +2 Genjutsu Levels
  • Big Shammy - +2 Ninjutsu Strength and +2 Ninjutsu Levels

Team Bonus

  • +1 Range
  • +2 Strength

Total Bonuses from Team and Members

  • +1 Range
  • +2 Levels
  • +4 Strength


  • This team is based off the original Ino-Shika-Cho formation from Naruto.


  • This is a solid, well rounded Jonin level team. It gives a solid strength boost in all attributes and a minor range and level boost for all attributes as well. This team can be considered as an alternative for Ro-Sham-Bo Redux Bonus. The advantages of the Fathers is increased strength for decreased range and levels.
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