Fateful Lovers

Team Members

Team Bonus

  • +1 Tai Success
  • +2 Strength

Total Bonuses from Team and Members

  • +1 Gen Success
  • +1 Nin Success
  • +1 Tai Success
  • +2 Strength


  • This team is based on the implied romantic relationship between Asuma and Kurenai in Naruto.


  • This is a really solid pairing. You gain +1 success in all attributes and +2 strength in all attributes. All around, a very, very nice setup for a build that needs successes. Definitely worth utilizing once you get to Chunin and Special Jonin level missions.
  • This team can be compared to Duelling Jonin!, which provides +1 Tai success, +1 success, and +2 strength, and a 50% chance of a second success.
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