Family Ties

Team Members

  • Mister Six - +2 Levels, +4 on Reaper missions
  • Shorty Lvl. 2 - +2 Nin and Tai Strength, +2 Gen Strength on Reaper missions

Team Bonus

  • +2 Success
  • +2 Range

Total Bonuses from Team and Members

  • +2 Success
  • +2 Range
  • +2 Levels, +4 on Reaper missions
  • +2 Nin Strength
  • +2 Tai Strength
  • +2 Gen Strength on Reaper missions


  • This is a reference to the pseudo brother/sister relationship between Byakuya Kuchiki and Rukia Kuchiki in Bleach.


  • You may use this team to complete certain missions that require a number of successes that you can reach by using it combined with your Reaper Sword Jutsu. If you have Timmy Lvl. 2 use him instead teamed with allies to give you a higher chance to get the item/ally.
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