Detective Duo

Team Members

Team Bonus

  • +200% Damage against Phases

Total Bonuses from Team and Members

  • +3 Success on all Nin missions
  • +5 Drain Edge
  • +250% Phase Damage


  • This is a reference to the team of Bear and Mimiru (Whom Smokey 2 and Sporty 2 are based off of) from the Anime .hack//SIGN. They've worked together to find out why Tsukasa couldn't log out of the game.


  • This team is useful for fighting phases due to giving an extra 250% more damage. If used with a max possible push at season 8 it will grant a total of 700% more damage.
  • Unless you're on your last Life having already used a Favor and the Twilight Guardian Summon, there is no reason to use any other team than this while fighting Phases
  • This team should not be used when a phase nears death due to the extra damage given off from it.
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