Bo Clan

Team Members

  • Big Bo - +2 Taijutsu Strength and +2 Taijutsu Levels
  • Lil' Bo - +1 Taijutsu strength, and Jutsu Chakra costs are 5% less

Team Bonus

  • +1 Tai Success, +1 Tai Range!

Total Bonuses from Team and Members

  • +3 Tai Strength
  • +2 Tai Levels
  • +1 Tai Success
  • +1 Tai Range
  • Jutsu Chakra costs are 5% less


  • A reference to the Akimichi clan from the Naruto series.


  • Pretty much useless. By the time you can obtain this team, you will already have the Crazy Love Triangle team, which is better in almost every way.
  • Even if you're farming their drops, Lil Bo - Big Bo - Olmek is better.
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