Big Three Bonus

Team Members

  • J-Diddy - +400% Friend Points, and +1 Levels
  • SNAKEMAN - +4 Levels but -50% Ryo
  • The Rack - +4 Tai Strength but all missions cost 10 more Stamina

Team Bonus

  • +3 Success

Total Bonuses from Team and Members

  • +5 Levels
  • +4 Taijutsu Strength
  • +3 Success
  • -50% Ryo
  • +400% Friend Points
  • All missions cost 10 more Stamina


  • This team is based on the original team of the three Sannin in Naruto.


  • Though this team is arguably one of the most powerful in the game, it is extremely hard to use for actual missions due to the very painful cost that comes from using Snakeman and The Rack. The greatest utility of this team would come from using it to battle Taijutsu Kaiju and to complete Taijutsu centered special missions.
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