BvS Survey
Warning: Information found on this page is outdated and might not be in the game anymore.

This survey were found on the bottom of the Main Page, over Options (Green text). In here you told The Creator of BvS, what you thought of their (his) game.
When you have answared the question, you send it to the creator, and recive a ThankYou Potion when they've (he has) read it.

The Full ingame text:

BvS Survey

We're looking to vastly expand BvS, and start advertising it (hiring people, etc - making BvS a full-time job). However, before that, we want to check with everyone playing, to make sure it is the most fun it can possibly be.

Filling out this survey completely will get you a 0-Appetite, +50 Stamina Potion once we get to your survey and read it (which may be a few days). We'll give you the Stamina even if you have a lot of negative things to say, don't worry, we want your truthful opinions on things - but give us the respect of actually answering things, not just going "fgsdfgdfgs". This whole game is pretty much one guy's work, and he (I, actually, since I'm the one writing this ^^;) would like to make it a full-time thing, but that means expanding the playerbase, and that means he needs your help. Please fully answer all the questions. Thank you so much for your time.

Once you submit the survey, we'll get a copy of it. If you want to change anything, or re-submit it, feel free to.

(a final note straight from the 11DBHK: I really, REALLY am taking what you guys say to heart. There's a number of changes coming up that are directly from these surveys.)

Question 1: Approximately how many days have you played BvS (1-100)? If it has been forever (months and months), just put '100'.

Question 2: What is your favorite thing about BvS? It can be anything, from "I like the funny Special Missions" to "I like Village vs. Village Combat" to "Stalkergirl is hot". Please go into detail as to why you like it, or if there are a number of things, list them all. Please be serious - list things that got you to stick around, and reasons you'd tell others to get them to play.

Question 3: What is your least favorite thing about BvS? As in, something that, if you did quit, would be your reason for quitting. Please give as much information as possible.

Question 4: Is there any section in the game you'd like to see improved, and if so, how? (an example of this is when we added Wasteland Missions - that's an 'improvement' of 'the amount and style of Missions you can go on'

Question 5: Is there any 'new' section you'd like to see added to the game? Examples of this are when we added Potion Making, the Arena, the Party House, etc.

Question 6: What could we offer you that would get you to go around and get others to play BvS?

Finally: Is there anything you'd like to say / suggest to the game's creator that isn't covered here? He'll read this, we promise.

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