• To summon a creature you must first tame it. Here are the requirements you must meet to be able to do so:
    • Your village must have the Summoning Circle Upgrade.
    • You must be Hanging Out with the ally (any level) that teaches that Summon.
  • After you meet these requirements you will be able to start the Quest to tame the Summons.
  • You may only Summon any creature once per day and you may only have one summoned at a time.
  • The Summon helps you for 4-8 missions, a single Mega Mission, or a single step of a Quest.
  • After you spy or attack a village the Summon poofs away.
Pic. Name Bonus Provided Trainers
Amanda.gif Amanda +5 Gen Range SNAKEMAN
Bone_Daddy.gif Bone Daddy +4 Tai Range Tats
Mini_Frog.gif Mini Frog +2 Range, can help in Spying Billy
Monkey_Butler.gif Monkey Butler +2 Range, +1 Strength, can help in Spying Triple H
Princess_Slug.gif Princess Slug +5 Nin Range The Rack
Sickle_Weasel.gif Sickle Weasel +4 Nin Range, +3 Stamina per Monster Fight, can help in Spying! Terri
Super_Frog.gif Super Frog +3 Range, can help Attacking (Legacy Only) J-Diddy
Wolfpack.gif Wolfpack +1 Range, +1 Strength, double summoning length, can help in Spying K-Dog
Twilight_Guardian.gif Twilight Guardian One Extra Life fighting Phases, +2 Strength / +2 Range on Field Actions The Last Bastion Of Purity
Mr.%20Orange.gif Mr. Orange +150% Ryo Dogfight
OCAT.gif OCAT Rare chance at changing an Ally-dropped TACO into a TACODELUXE Flower-Wars


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