Sponsored Items

In-game Description

Those who have greatly contributed to the creation of BvS have had their Awesome permanently inscribed into Items!

You can carry any one of these Items at any time, and can swap items once a day.

All sponsored items are Loopable, Untradable, Unsellable and Permanent Items

Sponsored Items are accessed through Main Menu


  • Season 3

Sponsored Items

Name Bonus Sponsor Phrase
555 Phone +1 Drain Level Phelan "Standing By…. COMPLETE!"
Dresden's File +11% Ally Drop Chance Dresden "Never Forget. Never Regret. Always Forgive."
ElevenCannon +11% Event Find 11DBHK "Thanks for playing BvS!"
Enormous Hammer +11% Ally Level Chance Hammergirl Anime "Thanks for all your support!"
Framed Certificate +11 Awesome for Ranking, +11% Awesome for Quest Purposes Angwyn Village "An Official Certificate of Awesometicity*!"
Manly Tears +11% Kaiju Damage GodMe "In the name of DaiGurren, my family!"
Sleek Keel +1 To All Levels Selke "I'm gonna be a sailor some day!"
SuperChunin +11% to All AP Gamma "Complete with Marauder's Map and Karate Chop Action!"
Tiny Bear Pistols +11% WK Damage The Colbert Nation "It's bear hunting season, courtesy of the Colbert Nation!"
Unmissed Trick +11% Wage/Rage SimonSan "TOUCH THE MARKERS"
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