Spar With Friends

A quick fight with friends, to hone your skills for the real deal! Your items and teammates don't help, but they can cheer you on for special bonuses!

Fighting costs 5 Stamina - super cheap! Win or lose, you gain valuable Jutsu XP, and work towards some pretty terrific Stamina bonuses every 50 spars - save those spars for days that count!


When you start a fight, a random stat and difficulty are chosen. Whoever does the best in it wins!

Delete a Rival

Check the box next to a rival and click 'X' to delete them

Temporary Friend List:

You have three temporary spots and thirty permanent spots - put a friend's name in here, and when they do the same, you can spar starting tomorrow!

Stamina Rewards:

You receive:

  • 100 Stamina every 50 Spars.
  • 250 Stamina every 250 Spars.

You can also get Bruce Jr. Lvl 2 by sparring with Bruce Jr. in your team for spar number 201 or above.

AP/XP Rewards:

The AP/XP you receive is based on the minimum between your level and your opponents level in the attribute you are sparring.

  • Lose: Level*40 <Attribute> AP/XP
  • Tie: Level*60 <Attribute> AP/XP
  • Win: Level*80 <Attribute> AP/XP


If your opponent is idle the fight will not count in the spar count but will give you AP/XP though.

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