Signatures plays an important role to get refferals.

The structure is simple:

  • Character Name
  • Character Picture
  • Stats1 (Level, Genjutsu, Ninjutsu, Taijutsu.)
  • Rank
  • Arena Rank (only if you got one and are Season 2 or greater. Must have purchased the Arena Favorite)
  • Season (blank means Season 1)
  • Village Name
  • Village Headband
  • Village Rank (only if you are Leader)
  • Signature Picture

Here are two examples:


Signature Pictures

Value2 Picture Description
1 legacy.jpg Legacy of the Hero
1 redeye.jpg RedEye
1 whiteeye.jpg WhiteEye
2 note.jpg The Note
3 reaper.jpg True Blood of the Reaper
4 pants.jpg True Blood of the Reaper + The Note
5 moon.jpg New Moon
6 cresentmoon.jpg Crescent Moon
7 halfmoon.jpg Half Moon
8 gibbousmoon.jpg Gibbous Moon
9 fullmoon.jpg Full Moon
10 blow.jpg Survived the Impossible
11 kaiju.jpg Completed The Impossible Mission

Signature Themes

Standard Theme


Moon Theme

(New Moon, Cresent Moon, Half Moon, Gibbous Moon and Full Moon)


Impossible Theme

(Survived the Impossible and Completed The Impossible Mission)



  • Deleted Characters is currently given Evil Taxi's sign as replacement
  • If the village name is The Lone Ninja or The Kaiju, the player has no village
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