Ryo is the currency of BvS. It has many uses ranging from simply buying a Kunai at the store or contributing to the hundreds of thousands of ryo necessary to purchase an Epic Monument.

Where to find it


Ryo is obtained from many sources. The most consistent and reliable is probably from completing missions. You obtain a base amount of ryo from a mission dependent on what kind of missions it is (D-rank, C-rank, Reaper, etc). You then receive an additional ryo bonus1 from accepting a general mission as a chuunin or higher. It is also important to note that if not in a village, you will not gain ANY ryo from completing a mission.

Mission Type Base Ryo Reward General Mission Bonus
D-Rank 100 10
C-Rank 125 20
B-Rank 150 30
A-Rank 175 50
AA-Rank 250 75
S-Rank 300 N/A
Reaper 200 40
Monochrome 350 40
Outskirts 10 N/A
Wastelands 50 N/A
BurgerNinja 150 40
PizzaWitch 300 50
Witching Hour 350 50
Jungle 500 100


From time to time you will find items hidden in missions or dropped by allies. By visiting the store you can sell unwanted items for ryo at a quarter of the cost of the item if purchasable from the store. It should be noted that not all items are sold to the store for ryo, and many simply aren't worth the trouble to do so. The amount of ryo provided from this is minimal, however it may be useful if you have an extreme excess of unnecessary items.

Treasure items found in outskirts and inner wastelands missions are peculiar in how their value ranges daily. Thus it may be better to hang onto them if found until the value is at it's peak. Ranges can be found on the items page in this wiki.

What to do with it?

Going Shopping

The store is much more useful as a place of purchasing items than selling them. The store begins by selling a base amount of items that are mainly reagents for jutsu. By having certain village upgrades (such as Forest Trail, Sand Village Trading Post, Ninja Dog Kennel) you gain access to the purchase of permanent items.

The player base also sells a variety of permanent items and useful consumables. If your village has a Marketplace, you can buy items from other players. See the page for further info.


Another common and important use of ryo lies in the Party House. You can use ryo to play in a multitude of games in the party house if your village has that particular upgrade. You can spin the Prize Wheel for a chance to win super-rare items unattainable anywhere else, play in the Ninja Jackpot for a small chance at obtaining the ever elusive Sevens Trophy or millions of ryo, buy tickets in the Eleventy Billionth Hokage's Lottery, grab a drink at the 'Juice' Bar, throw a party or five for your friends, or play some AkaTsukiball, or even try your hand at the Crane Game for a chance to win a lovely prize your kage has put up for grabs..

Each game in the party house has it's own price, but most are very well worth it. You should, however, concentrate on the prize wheel earlier on and move up from there. The lottery should probably be a low priority due to the microscopic chance of winning, and it has been stated by the games creator that it statistically takes approximately 2,000,000 (two million) ryo at the "Ninja Jackpot" before succeeding in obtaining a sevens trophy.


One of the less direct, yet still important usages of ryo lies in your contribution to your total "village ryo" pool. Whenever you complete a mission a percentage of the ryo earned (which is controlled by you kage) is forcibly taken from you as "income" tax. Your village ryo is used towards the purchase or use of particular village upgrades which end up benefiting everyone who has permissions to take advantage of them. You may also donate your hard earned ryo directly to the village if you feel so inclined.

Another way to contribute to your villages ryo is by submitting contracts. Minor Village Contracts provide 1,000 ryo to the village for each one submitted, and Major Village Contracts contribute 5,000 ryo to the village for each one submitted. Both types of contracts can be found hidden in particular missions throughout the game. It is strongly recommended that these be turned in to your village, as they have a very poor value in the store but sincerely help your village out.

After dayroll, your village receives a report listing each villager's ryo contribution to the village, which is the combined contribution from taxes collected, raw ryo donated, and contracts submitted. Certain kages may choose to use this report as a means of giving out rewards, recognition, or possibly penalties.

Fight to the death.

A very important usage of ryo lies in the Arena. There are many ways to obtain arena fights, but one of the most basic and obvious is simply by purchasing them with ryo. Arena fight entries are sold in groups of three (+ any bonuses). You start off with one free fight daily , and the first set of 3 additional fights costs 1500 ryo. The next set costs 6000 Ryo, the the next 24000 Ryo, and so on, the cost multiplying by 4 each time. This means that the act of purchasing fights loses it's cost efficiency quickly (it's not recommended to buy more than 6 fights in this manner).

You need to buy your friends.

Two very small, yet important, areas of ryo usage lie in the ever growing multiplayer/community aspect of the game. First, there's sparring. To obtain sparring partners you must add someone to your "temporary" sparring list for a fee of 100 ryo. This small, yet ever present ryo penalty is there to deter spam inviting everyone to be your sparring partner until someone finally accepts. This way you have to agree upon everything before-hand, and then add each other. In any case, the person you added also has to pay the 100 ryo fee and add you back and then you can spar each other once daily.

The second use is the message system. You can privately message someone in game for a fee of 50 ryo per message. For this to work you have to have your message system set up, and the person you're messaging has to have theirs working as well. This additional fee is probably in place so that once again you can't spam message everyone in the game without some sort of penalty.

Ryo doesn't grow on trees

It's earned. There are a few particular strategies that can be used to increase you overall ryo output, but the main thing to keep in mind is that the more bonuses to ryo amount that you have, the better off you'll be.

Name Ryo bonus
Aura of Fortune/Letter of Marque +10% Ryo from missions
Ninja-Mas Star +10% Ryo from missions
Shortbunny +10% Ryo from missions
Piece of the Action +10% Ryo from missions
Season Two Collection +11% Ryo from missions
Sannin's Premium +15% Ryo from missions
Money Printer +25% Ryo from missions
Officer's Pay +500 Ryo for the 1st Arena Win
Pinchy Claw +500 Ryo when Collecting
Kimono of Shadows +111% Ryo from missions
Cato +50% Ryo from missions
Blondie +50% Ryo from missions
Cipher/Cipher Lvl. 2 +100% Ryo from missions
Karen +50% Ryo from missions
Threads +1,000 Ryo from a successful Bingo (1/day)
Obsessive Insight -50% Ryo from missions
Rich Man's World +15% Ryo from missions
Dark Consolidation +50% Ryo from missions
Value Meal +50% Ryo from missions
The Crank +5% per Crank level
Note Rush +20% Ryo from missions
Science! Facility (Actuarial Amplifier) +20% Ryo from missions
Money for Nothing +25% Ryo from missions

You want to try and get as many of the above bonuses as you can. The jutsu usage may need to be balanced as far as chakra cost is concerned so that that you can maximise the amount of missions you can complete and thus gaining optimal ryo, instead of constantly having to charge your chakra. One tactic may be to Hang Out with a particular ally that teaches that jutsu (i.e. Right, or Cato). Or simply using Jutsu Enhancement Tower to lower the overall chakra cost.

Lifestyles of the Rich and the Dead

What you'll need:

  • At least Season 1
  • At least a Special Jonin
  • Have completed the Quest: Hijinks Ensue


One tactic that has been cited many times is to simply run Genjutsu reaper missions. This tactic requires that you be at least a Special Jonin. It may also be helpful to be of a high enough level to do reaper missions with ease or have access to a variety of reaper allies. In addition, being a White Eye puts you at a clear advantage.

What you do is simply take any reaper team you desire, and run Genjutsu Reaper missions. Reaper missions in general have a 200 ryo base reward, and taking a general reaper missions without specifying a particular stat offers an additional 40 ryo. However, if you sacrifice that 40 bonus ryo, and instead run genjutsu missions alone you end up better in the long run. Of the 10 reaper genjutsu missions available at the present, 2 of them (both being B-ranks) have a hidden 2,000 ryo event. This means there's a 1/5 chance of landing on a mission with a hidden 2,000 ryo reward. Now, this obviously doesn't mean you're guaranteed to get it, but the rate of finding the ryo is fairly high and your bound to find it at least once or twice a day. Plus there's one D-ranked reaper genjutsu mission that has a 500 ryo hidden event as well. Having access to the WhiteEye / Advanced WhiteEye jutsu puts you at a clear advantage because you have twice the chance of finding the ryo in the mission if you use the jutsu.

For an additional ryo intake, have both shorty and strawberry in your team. Both have decent chance of dropping silver petals which alone don't have much value but in mass amounts the value adds up.

Estimated Daily Ryo Gain: ??? (To be found)

Who needs money when you can be emo?



Evil Farmer

Season 2+



  • Bingo someone, gaining The Note Rush and a possible 1000 Ryo bounty.
  • Use Cato for the Ryo bonus, Pinky for the chakra-cost reduction and stamina, and Stalkergirl mainly for the stamina.
  • Run missions using Dark Consolidation.

Destroyer of Worlds

Completion of all content up to WorldKai.

Perfect Rhythm Level 3.
All content up to and including Worldkai completed.
K-Dog lvl 2.


  • Get all stamina and Worldkai damage boosters.
  • S-Rank Worldkais
  • Use emblems for items
  • Sell items
  • Repeat ad infinitum.
  • Use emblem
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