Robo Fighto
Doughman waves at you. "Pssst! Want to hear how this works? Scroll down to 'The Rules'!"


ROBO FIGHTO is a Village Upgrade (Machine Shop) where you choose a tournament and compete with your mecha-ninja to win its prize.
The initial robot can be earned part by part from the NAKED WARRIOR competitions (where competitors may not use any parts), or by registering a Knightmare Frame. Winning more parts from the tournaments help you upgrade your mecha and increase the chance to win more tournaments.
Different kinds of the five parts (Head, Body, Left Arm, Right Arm, Legs) belong to one of eight ranks, From G to S-rank, and give different bonuses: the higher the rank, the better the part. However, you cannot use a higher rank part in a lower rank tournament. You may still compete in lower rank tournaments by switching to lower rank parts. Every tournament specifies the ranks allowed in the main menu. You may not compete in a tournament that awards a robot part you already own.

There are many abilities in Robo Fighto that can affect your stats during each tourney.

Charged - 1st Push has +X% Push
Risky - each Push has a +X% cumulative chance of failing
Berserk - +X Levels on 1st Push
Blazing - +X% chance to get +1 Attempts
Chained - +X Range per Push
Glamorous - +X% chance to have Ryo cost returned on 1st Attempt
DoubleTap - +X% chance for double damage
Cranked - +X00% Damage on 11th Push
Juiced - +X% chance for Negative Roll

You may also train your piloting bonus to a max of +1. The cost to attempt this each time will cost you 20 Stamina to do so and you have only a 1%+.1% chance per try to increase it. After this you can train to a max of +2 and so on, only it will cost 20 more Stamina each time you train to another level and your training chance resets to 1%. For each tourney you enter, you will receive 10 free Stamina each that can only be used towards training your robot.

Robot Parts

There are many parts that you can win in the tournaments that you can use to upgrade your robot to make it stronger. Some parts, such as the Knightmare Frame, are won outside of Robo Fighto and must be registered for use. Once registered, even if you subsequently lose the item (such as by a Regalia becoming a Soundless Jade), you can still use it in Robo Fighto.

Name Bonus Provided Rank Tournament
Foam Helmet +3 Levels, +1 Success E King of the Hill E-Rank
Tinfoil Helmet +1 Level, +1 Range F F-Rank Partswar
Corrugated Visor +1 Level G G-Rank Partswar
Knightmare Head +1 Range G Registered Perm Item


There are also many tourneys that you can participate in that will award you various robot parts and other items as well. In addition to the requirements listed below, you can not enter a tournament to gain a part or item you already have. On another note, if you win a tourney in first place, you will receive the Mister Roboto Bloodline which gives you 5% off tournament costs per entry and a once a day use of "Beyond my Control" which gives a push of 100% success rate. This bloodline does not loop though.

Name Require Prize Misc
King of the Monsters Player Kaiju Only Item: Crusader's Sword -
NAKED WARRIOR No Parts Allowed RoboPart: Corrugated Legs, Corrugated Plating, Corrugated Puncher, Corrugated Shield, Corrugated Visor -
Easy Money Tournament Cannot have Mister Roboto Ryo: 50,000 Ryo -

If you win two tourneys with the same item as a reward at the same time, nothing extra happens. You just receive a winning message(if you have it set) like normal. The most you can win from the second time is Mister Roboto if you won first place.

If you tie for last place, there is a cutoff that determines which of the last place winners succeeds. So for instance, even if a highly coordinated (and lucky) 20 ninja team all got exactly the same score in the same Daily DG, they would not harvest 20 DG Cells.


(Other than Robo Parts)
Name Type Bonus
Machine Shop Village Upgrade Unlock Robo Fighto
RoboGas Station Village Upgrade +10000 Daily RoboFighto Ryo
Fine Tuning Village Upgrade +3% base chance of success

The Rules

You step into the gigantic, steel-reinforced arena, and are taken aside by Doughman, into a vehicle bay.

"Whoa, man, you can't go out there like that, you gotta suit up first!" You look out over the desolation, and Ninja in ridiculous, useless looking robot costumes are punching each other in the face and posing.
"Let me tell you about the ROBO FIGHTO".

"The ROBO FIGHTO is an epic battle of manly glory. Here, people recreate the battles of old, where giant mecha-ninja battled each other one on one, one on two, and one on eleventy, for the Glory of the Tiny Bees."

"See, you go out there, and pick a Tourney. You can enter as many as you want, and you can 'play' any time before it is scored (tourneys are scored at about 11 minutes after the hour, so if it says 8P, it means 8:11P). Your Pilot Rank is determined by the highest-level Part you have, and some tournaments limit you by Rank, only allow certain Ranks of Parts, or only run once or twice a week.

You pay your entry fee, then make a Piloting Attempt, and the sum of your attempts are added to make your Score. If you want, you can Push, being even more awesome, but there is a chance you will not succeed, and all your work will be wasted - you will need to start over and make a new Attempt.

You can Lock your score if you want - that way, you can change your robot so you can do other tourneys. However, unlocking your score will fail your current attempt. You have been warned.

You can only make a certain number of Attempts per tourney, so check yourself before you wreck yourself.
Some tourneys give Items, some Ryo, some give new Parts, and some give Passes into a later, pass-only Tourney. Winners are either the top X number of players, or the top percentage of all entrants.

Now, for your Robo Suit. You throw together whatever parts you have, and that makes your suit. Everyone starts with a Piloting Skill of 5, no bonuses - the suit makes the Ninja. You can't change your suit while you are in a tourney, so you will either have to wait until the Tourneys roll, or you can 'fail' your current tourneys to make a quick switch.

Training: You can Train for the Robo Fighto - not very much, but every bit counts. For every Rank that you get - once for G, once more for F, and so on - you can train one level of Piloting. To train, you hit the training button. You only have a 1% chance to successfully train, but it is permanent: so G Rank pilots can have a 6 Piloting, F Ranks can have a 7, etc. Sure, it isn't much, but every little bit can help. You can only use Piloting Bonuses up to the Rank Limit of your current mech - only a +1 for G parts, +2 for F parts, etc. Every Tourney you enter gives you 10 free Stamina that can only be used in Training (once per tourney).

Wow, that was a lot. Got it? Good. Have fun out there!"

Success Calculator

[work in progress, will be continued after I understood Robo-bilities better]

For some reason, the means are too high and I can't seem to figure out why… Oh wait, I just stop pushing after reaching about 1300 :-D

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