Truck Loading

"Heyy," the stripey guy says, "I'm loading the truck for BillyCon. Want to help?"
Sounds easy enough.. >

Load the truck below. You can work more quickly, but injuries will lower your Stamina on the next day you log in. When the truck is fully loaded, you'll get something for your troubles.. you hope. Don't get too injured, though (-200 Stamina), or all your work will be for nothing!

Truck Loading is available in the shop menu from BvS midnight to midnight on Thursdays and the 10th of each month. The link is still visible on other days, but only to view the figures you've collected.


Other than the base load from an action, a random other player loading at a similar time will have their action provide bonuses or penalties to you. 11DBHK will occasionally show up, doing the same action as you.

Load Normally

+5-8% Load, 5% Chance of Injury

Bonus when the other player is doing:

  • Load Normally

You chat while you load the truck and time flies! +2% Load!

  • Load Carefully

They get in the way a little bit. Let's move it along!

  • Hurl Things

You dodge a heavy box speeding through the air!-1% Load!

Load Carefully

+2-3% Load, 1% Chance of Injury

Bonus when the other player is doing:

  • Load Normally

They rearrange some boxes for you! +1% Load!

  • Load Carefully

You both chill out and load nice and easy! +1 Stamina!

  • Hurl Things

Spacing out, you don't see the boxes coming! +2% Injury Chance!

Hurl Things

+10-15% Load, 20% Chance of Injury

Bonus when the other player is doing:

  • Load Normally

You whip the boxes right by them as they move! +1% Load!

  • Load Carefully

They keep stopping at weird times, that's dangerous! -3% Load!

  • Hurl Things

Hurlfest! +5% Load, Double Injury Penalty if Injured!


The first injury is for 5 stamina tomorrow, then it doubles each time till 160 and caps out the next injury at 200, stopping you from loading any more without a reward.

Too Injured!
You just can't bring yourself to load any more!

Injuries Stamina penalty
0 0
1 5
2 10
3 20
4 40
5 80
6 160
7 200


Load Normally helps other players, while Hurl Things hurts other players, no matter which option they pick. Load Carefully only hurts players who Hurl Things, but doesn't help other players as much as Load Normally. As such, unless you're in danger of running out of injuries/stamina, you should always pick Load Normally. Even if you do have to use another option, you can exploit the mechanic that only your last load type is counted to give some help by picking Load Normally for your very last load before finishing.

Applicable Bonuses

  • In Retail you can pay 500 wage in order to reroll all "Good Manga" results from loading the truck for the rest of the day


Reward available! You've gotten something for your work! Do you want the reward, or do you want to start over?

Starting over sets you back to 0% progress, with a chance to get a different reward at the end.

  • Fizzy Candy (+30 Appetite, immediate)
  • A Good Manga (+20% AP/Ryo on Normal Missions for the day, immediate)
  • Trading Figure (viewable only on this page, collect them all!)
  • Dealer Badge (Next BillyCon entry is free)1
  • Fizzy Ramune (up to 10% Appetite return, Item)2
  • Trophy (Gives you a trophy)3


Earned by accepting the Trading Figure as a reward. Set 1 must be complete before Set 2 figures can be earned, and so on.

Set 1: Major Characters 1

Collecting all seven gets you a trophy.

Set 2: Dioramas

Collecting all seven gets you a trophy.


  • This minigame was created because McMasters had to load a truck for a convention.
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