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Some employees are slinging cards in the back!
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You walk through an unmarked door, and find yourself in a breakroom. Disgruntled employees are playing some sort of card game with each other (the ones that aren't sitting in the corner staring into nothingness, anyway). They finish up, looking at you expectantly..

Unlock requirement

Spend 100,000 Ryo or more in one purchase at the Shop, then check your Quests. After unlocking it, the game can be entered from the Shop menu.


A game costs X Appetite (5 base + 15 per win that day), as you sit and eat the tasteless donuts and sandwiches that the other workers eat for lunch. The more you sit and play, the more unappetizing it is (and you don't get any bonus from the food, either - boo!). You have a chance to win a card if you win, and lose a card if you lose - watch out!

Difficulty Base card chance Special Rules Requirement
Easy 10% Opponent skips first discard None
Normal 30% No modifiers Beat Terri
Hard 50% Opponent shuffles back 2 redraws to start Beat Rover
Crazy 60% Opponent shuffles back 4 redraws to start Beat MC Stripey
Bet a Card1 Extra 30% Lose a random card if you lose None

Having A A Ron in your team reduces the Appetite cost by 5. Winning a card you already have gives a 20 Appetite discount for the next game.
The Custom Deck Box from beating Rover gives an additional 10% chance to get a card.


Outside of individual games, you have a deck of cards that you can collect from winning games. The possible cards you can win are limited by the bosses you've defeated. Once Bones is defeated, all cards are unlocked.
Winning a game without getting a card gives a +20% chance to get a card, which stacks until you win a card you don't already have. Winning a card you already have does not reset this bonus, but doesn't add to it either. Losing a game doesn't wipe your cumulative chance to win a card.
When you win but get a card you already have, it rerolls which card you get up to twice plus one for each game you've won without getting a new card. The reroll message misleadingly says "today", but the rerolls carry over between days.
As such, harder difficulties are good for when you've got a lot of deck to fill out, but if you only have a few cards left to complete the deck it's best to spam easy games. Betting cards without poker buddies is a bad idea.
Every day you plan to seriously play poker you should use the wage purchase "Poker Buddies" in retail, for a mere 200 wage you will be unable to lose cards, that includes losses to bosses and using the "bet a card" option, as such you will be betting a card on every game which massively increases your rate of returns.

Turning in cards

You can turn in cards, losing them for a chance at a bonus. Different cards have different chances at different effects. Winning a card you already have gives a 20% chance not to lose a card on turn-in. Multiple 20%s are only used one per turn-in.

The chance of getting the activation is the number of the card (e.g. 5 of Clubs has a 5% chance to give +1 Levels/Range on quests) or 11% for face cards. Face cards (Jack, Queen, King and Ace) have stronger effects than number cards.
Suit Number Effect Face Effect
Clubs +1 Levels/Range on Quests +1 Levels/Range/Strength on Quests
Diamonds 100,000 Party House Ryo 250,000 Party House Ryo
Hearts a Basic Village Resource a set of Basic Village Resources
Spades a Basic Monster Drop a Monster Drop2
Titans3 N/A All four other suits, +1 Retail Shift


Name Effect Unlocked by
Bottom-check See the bottom card of the deck Defeat Terri
Card-search Find whether a certain card is in your hand, your opponent's hand, the deck or the discards Defeat Bones

Cheats can be used without penalty, even in boss games.


Allies lost by looping can be reobtained just by going to the Perfect Poker page. There's no message for this, but they'll reappear in the team menu.

"You gonna eat that?"
Hand needed: Two Pair
Appetite cost: 50

Difficulty: Easy

A girl, ravenously eating everything she can, whips out some cards!

"Whatever. You got anything to eat? I bet you do. HAND IT OVER!"

You got Potatoes!



  • King Omaha hails from Gamble Fish, a rather eccentric manga about high stakes gambling. Yes, he's an Obama expy in the original, too.


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