Retail is a minigame in which you play an employee of an anime-goods store, dealing with customers. Customers come in with a certain amount of Stinginess, which you must overcome to make a sale. Customers' actions also tend to fill you with Rage, which is both useful and dangerous. And then, of course, there are the special customers, who come by as you're trying to close up shop…

Tiers (and Titans)

Retail is divided into Tiers. Each time you go up to a new Tier, you get access to a new set of Rage abilities, a new set of Wage abilities, and a new Shift. (Higher Tiers still have access to lower Tiers' abilities and Shifts.)

All players start at Tier 1, with access only to the Tier 1 Shift, "Training Schedule". In order to reach a higher Tier, you must defeat the boss of your current Tier: a Titan.1

Titan battles for a Shift are unlocked by purchasing 7 Rage abilities per Tier; once unlocked, they have a chance of taking place after every successfully-completed Shift. The Titan you fight at your current Tier's Shift (the highest Shift you have access to) will always be the Tier Boss, which you will only fight once. Thereafter, if you fight a Titan on that Shift, you'll fight one of a small set of non-Boss Titans.


Shifts are where the action is.2 Each Shift has a different set of Customers that may show up; more difficult Customers will only show up in higher-Tier Shifts.

In order to complete a shift successfully, there are four things you need to worry about: Customers, Time, Sales, and Rage.

  • Customers: You start a Shift with a number of Remaining Customers determined by the Shift. Every time a customer leaves your store (whether you make a sale or not), this goes down by 1. If you run out of Customers, the shift ends. (Possibly successfully.)
  • Time: You start a Shift with ??? Remaining Time (plus any extra Time from abilities). Every time you take an Action (except for a few that say "no time passes"), you lose 1 Time. If you run out of Time, the shift ends.
  • Sales: You start a Shift with zero Sales. Every time you successfully reduce a Customer's Stinginess to zero, their Bankroll is added to your Sales. If you have enough Sales to meet the Shift's sales requirement when the Shift ends, you win!
  • Rage: You start a Shift with zero Rage and 11 Max Rage (plus any extra Max Rage from abilities). Every time the Time Remaining goes down, Customers increase this, more or less at random, and more or less constantly. If your Rage ever exceeds your Max Rage, you Rage Out and fail the Shift.

Once the Shift ends, if you were successful, you get Rage equal to your Rage3, and Wage equal to your Sales, modified by any relevant abilities you have. You can spend this accumulated Rage and Wage on abilities.

If Time runs out while there are still Customers in the store, this isn't technically a loss (you still get the appropriate amount of Rage and Wage from the Shift), but you won't have a Titan show up. Since Titans give a huge bonus to banked Rage and Wage, you should always try to get rid of your customers before time runs out to make room for a Titan.

Most of the time, your current Tier's Shift will be too hard without some of your current Tier's Rage abilities. Until you can purchase them, you'll probably want to work the Shift one Tier down: not only is it easier, but occasionally Titans will show up, providing you with more Rage on average. (The Tier 2 shift is a striking exception: it's not too difficult, but it's much more lucrative than Tier 1.)

The word "Shift" is also used to mean "a point in the action pool which you can spend to work a Shift". This sort of Shift is mostly acquired by Hanging Out with Allies; see below.

Gaining Shifts

There are 4 ways to gain Shifts: automatically, from Daily Workers, from Trading in Hang Outs, and from Boosters. All unused Shifts are lost at dayroll.


Every day, you get 1 Shift just for showing up. Through upgrades and Poker, you can increase this number:

Upgrade Shifts How to Obtain
Steady Ride +1 Shift Tier 1 Wage Upgrade (200 Wage)
Open Availability +1 Shift Tier 3 Wage Upgrade (2500 Wage)
Poker Rank 6 +1 Shift Defeat MC Stripeypants in Perfect Poker

Daily Workers

Every time you Hang Out with an ally via Friend Points, you receive a banked favor from them (if you didn't already have one). These are listed on the Retail page as "Allies who owe you one".

Every day, for each player, 8 Allies are selected at random from the complete pool of Allies, and are displayed on the Retail page. (Allies you don't have will appear as question marks.) If you have a banked favor from any of these characters, you can beg Shifts from these Allies, at +1 Shift per Ally. This "uses up" the favor, and you must Hang Out with them again before they'll give you any more Shifts.

Trading in Hang Outs

Any current Hang Outs (whether earned through Friend Points or otherwise) can be "Cashed-In" for additional Shifts. This cashing-in can only be performed once a day. After cashing in, you will still be Hanging Out with those characters, so you can still (e.g.) pass Quest checks or purchase Jutsu for reduced costs.

The first Shift from this method is available for only one Hang Out, but for each additional Shift the number of required Hang Outs doubles.


Packs of 3 +5 Retail Shifts boosters are available for 60 Karma. Additionally, Retail Boosters are sometimes given out at the ElevenSnax booth at the Festival.


Tier Shift Description Base Success Pay Job Title
1 Training Schedule Nice, simple customers 5 Trainee
2 Weekday Afternoon A typical, lazy afternoon 30 Swing Shifter
3 Late Night The freaks come out at night 50 Keyed Employee
4 Weekend Rush Everyone needs their fix 70 Assistant to the Manager
5 The Day before Ninjamas last minute shoppers 110 Shift Manager
6 Move-In Weekend A tired and cranky horde 130 Manager
7 The Day AFTER Ninjamas gift certificates, angry parents 150 Retail Jockey
8 Dark Friday RNG help us all 300 First Key
9 Infinite How high can you get? Current Rank: XX 420 + 10/Rank Atelier <Player Name>

Beating the Dark Friday boss, without having a certain item gets a special message.

Customers: Con Bro, Fanboy, Fangirl, Wanderer
Boss Titan: The Shuffler

Strategy: This is the easy shift; you shouldn't need to worry about optimal strategies yet. Take your time and get used to the basics.

Buy up Rage abilities as fast as you can, though: the next Tier isn't too much harder, but pays much better.


After completing the quest Leaving Work at Work (post-Tier 6), you may choose to take one of the following Sub-managers with you on a Shift. Each Sub-manager can be leveled up by purchasing their respective Rage upgrade, available at Tier 7 for 20,000 Rage.

Although the Sub-managers are also Allies, there is no game-mechanical connection: all three Sub-managers are available immediately after the Quest, even if you haven't obtained them as Allies, and their Sub-manager level is not related to their Ally level.

Ally Effect Requirements
None +11% Wage/Rage if all Customers cleared None
A A Ron 1X to one random Customer per turn None
A A Ron Lvl. 2 2X, 1X to 2 random Customers per turn Rage Ability
MC Stripeypants +1 Clean per turn None
MC Stripeypants Lvl. 2 +1 Clean, -1 negative Coating per turn Rage Ability
Potatoes -1 Rage per turn None
Potatoes Lvl. 2 +1 Max Rage per turn Rage Ability


Descriptors (Cat-eared, Clompy-shoed etc) do not appear to affect stats; their only purpose appears to be to identify different customers of the same type. If you get a second, third, etc. customer of the same type with the same descriptor, that customer will be prefaced with "2nd", "3rd", etc.

Loaf: 5
Stinginess: 2
Bankroll: 2
Shifts: Late Night, Weekend Rush, National Holiday, The Dark Shift

Bad Haggler sees that things cost more than free. The horror! +3 Stinginess!

Bad Haggler : "I'll give you negative this price. YES PAY ME" +2 Rage!

The Phone

- Requires data on earliest/latest time it can ring
- Lowers Max Rage the longer its left ringing

:: You pick up the phone..

One of the following can happen:

:: ..and it's a phone order! +3 Sales!

:: ..and it's Stalkergirl! "Just wanted to hear the sound of your voice. And your breathing. Bye. *click*" Hot? +3 Rage, +5 Max Rage!

:: .."…would you like to change your credit card processor?" AUGH SPAM +2 RAGE

:: "Can you put something on hold for me? Oh, I'll NEVER actually come buy it. Do it anyway." +1 Rage, -1 Sales!

:: ..dead air, for an eternity. Then: "are you open?" O_O +1 RAGE

:: .."do you sell Hammers?" NO WE DO NOT SELL HAMMERS +1 RAGE!

:: ..and it's a dialtone! They just hung up! AAGH +1 RAGE

:: ..and it's NinjaMas music. WHY +2 RAGE

If you don't answer it, the penalty gets worse every turn:

:: Phone's still ringing.. +1 Rage!

:: Okay, the phone is REALLY getting to you! Answer it! -1 Max Rage!



Encounter text:

::Just as you are about to shut down for the night, you sense a presence..
::and <titan name> lurches in!
::Readying your Vertical Pricing Gear, you leap to the defense of the store!

Store damage appears to range from 8% to 12%.
Titan messages repeat after hitting the last message.
To do HP damage to a Titan, you must be behind them, in their square and use a Leap Attack. To get behind them, you may either use a Leap movement from two spaces away, which has a chance of landing behind them, or when in their square, you may strafe. With strafe, there is also a chance the Titan may trip you, preventing you from getting behind them that round. If you are not behind them, both Leap and regular attacks will only attack their efficiency.

Non-Boss Titans

Appears in: (list of shifts)

Starting Efficiency: 100%
Starting HP: 100

Strategy: U-Fo is one of the easier Titans. Jumping in and wailing on them tends to work well, although if you haven't inflicted much Efficiency damage, you may want to Leap out of its square before turns 5 and 8.

Boss Titans

Starting Efficiency: ??%
Starting HP: ??

Strategy: Move in close, beat on it to lower efficiency, strafe, and leap attack until dead.


Rage Abilities

Upgrade Cost
Tier 1
See # of Customers remaining 20 Rage
Start at +1 Clean 25 Rage
+5 Rage Max 25 Rage
+4 Time per Shift 30 Rage
Slack Off becomes Grumble (+2 Rage, +3 Max Rage) 30 Rage
+1 Wage per Rage at end of shift 50 Rage
Coming Through becomes Barge (Barge + no time passes) 50 Rage
Tier 2
+2% Max Long Range Damage 100 Rage
+2% Max Short Range Damage 100 Rage
+20% Short Range Dodge 125 Rage
+20% Long Range Dodge 125 Rage
Deep Breath becomes Death Stare (+2 Rage, +4 Max Rage) 150 Rage
+1 Action Options 150 Rage
New Action: Boot (Remove non-loafer from store) 150 Rage
New Action: New Release (3X, 1X to all others) 200 Rage
Tier 3
+1 HP per turn vs. Titans 350 Rage
Deodorant Bomb (Remove all coatings, no time passes, once per Shift) 350 Rage
New Action: BOGO (+1 Bankroll to all, no time passes) 450 Rage
+5 Rage on Titan Attack 450 Rage
+4 Time per Shift 450 Rage
+2% Max Short Range Damage 450 Rage
2x chance to overcome Injury 450 Rage
Disinfectant becomes Spot Clean (Spot Clean cleans store if it doesn't de-coat) 450 Rage
Tier 4
New Action: Entice (4X, +1 Bankroll) 500 Rage
Freebie Giveaways (2X to all, no time passes, once per Shift) 500 Rage
+1 HP per turn vs. Titans 600 Rage
+10 Rage Max 600 Rage
Leap becomes precise (Leap can get behind if lands in same position as Titan) 600 Rage
War Stories (Collect Bounty on selling to / booting bad customers) 750 Rage
+8 Time for Shift 750 Rage
Sell becomes Savings Punch (5X to one customer) 850 Rage
Tier 5
+1 Rage Armor (+1 Max Rage when you gain Rage) 1000 Rage
Cleansing Fire (Convert Dirty Level to Rage, no time passes, once per Shift) 1200 Rage
Gain Max Rage equal to Bounty collected 1100 Rage
Remove Action: Upsell 1300 Rage
New Action: HEY (Gain Rage equal to 1 Loafing customer, removes all Loaf, special result if used repeatedly on El Supercast) 1500 Rage
Tier 6
New Action: Waifu Call (6X to 1 customer) 1800 Rage
Promote becomes Coupon Kick (4X to 1 section) 2000 Rage
+10% Max Long Range Damage 2500 Rage
+10% Wage (may be a placeholder?) 3000 Rage
+10% Rage (may be a placeholder?) 3000 Rage
+1 Action Options (may be a placeholder?) 5000 Rage
Tier 7
+6 Time per Shift 6000 Rage
+10 Max Rage 6000 Rage
25% less Store Damage 7500 Rage
View S/B of Loafers 7500 Rage
Rare Action: Trapdoor (remove one customer (no bounty, once per basket)) 8000 Rage
Entice becomes Hype (4X, +1 Bankroll, customer gains Hyped (2X per turn) coating) 8000 Rage
Be Helpful becomes Pitch (3x to all Customers on Left or Right half) 10000 Rage
+10 Max Rage 10000 Rage
+2% Max Long Range Damage 15000 Rage
+6 Time per Shift 15000 Rage
Sub-Manager Stripeypants Lvl. 2 (+1 Clean, -1 negative Coating per turn) 20000 Rage
Sub-Manager Potatoes Lvl. 2 (+1 Max Rage per turn) 20000 Rage
Sub-Manager A A Ron Lvl. 2 (2X, 1X to 2 random Customers per turn) 20000 Rage
Tier 8
Rare Action: The Voice (all customers with <6 L+S check out) 100000 Rage

Wage Enhancements

Upgrade Effect Cost
Tier 1
Steady Ride +1 Shifts per day 200 Wage
Accountant +1 Rage bonus per excess Sales 200 Wage
Tier 2
Gas Injectors -1 Fatigue on Leap 500 Wage
Hidden Snack +3 Max Fatigue 500 Wage
Five Minutes To Go +50 HP, once per battle 500 Wage
Tier 3
Open Availability +1 Shifts per day 2500 Wage
Tier 4
New Pricing Guns +20 Backstab Damage 3000 Wage
Tier 5
Late-Night Delivery +3 Max Fatigue 3500 Wage
Tier 6
Tier 7
Black Friday Rewards
Employee of the Week 10 point Trophy 100000 Wage
Once-per-day Bonuses
Poker Buddies No Cards lost on failure in Poker5 200 Wage
Employee Benefits Reroll all Good Manga results in Truckload 300 Wage
Discount Trading Double first Electrum purchase in Pachinko 300 Wage
Candy Eyes see 1 random Candy House in Candyween 500 Wage
Comped Party +2 Juice Limit 500 Wage
Two Weeks Notice Stinginess / Loaf halved, Wage/Rage rewards reduced to 1/4, no Infinite/Black Friday, lasts all day 11 Wage
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