Referral Bonuses

Billy Vs. SNAKEMAN has a system in place to encourage current players to recruit new players to the game. Each player is given code to add a signature to common forum software that shows their current photo, indicates their current rank, village, level and attributes.


As of September 4th, 2010, McM changed it so you can also attain these Referral items by looping to season 30+. This change was added to deal with how hard it was becoming for people to continue to get good referrals.

Stamina Bonuses

Every time someone clicks on your specialized referral link, your character in BvS gains +5 stamina (up to 50 stamina per day). Getting a large number of referrals per day provides a rather significant increase in your character's stamina, which will often provide a significant increase in the number of missions that can be performed in a given day.

Loyalty Points

While the bonus stamina is the easiest referral bonus to obtain, there are more powerful referral bonuses available. Whenever someone comes through your personalized link to the BvS website and creates a new character, you have the potential to earn 1 referral point. However, you will not receive that referral point until that person has reached the rank of Chunin. This usually takes a couple days of play to accomplish.

Other ways of obtaining Loyalty Points is to sign up for the Billy Club, where you get 1 point for signing up and 1.2 points when you auto-renew the member ship (only 1 if you manually renews your membership).

You can also obtain all the referral items at once by using real life money and buying the Booster 'Full Set of Referral Bonuses'.

Prize List

Points Season Reward Bonus
1 points 31 Helper Pin +1 Level
3 points 33 Coolness Badge +2 Levels
5 points 35 11DBHK's Purple Shades +1 Tai Level/Range
10 points 37 11DBHK's Gold Necklace +1 Range
20 points 39 Aviator Goggles +1 Range
30 points 41 Pat on the Back +30 Stamina
40 points 43 Piece of the Action +10% Ryo
50 points 29 Mysterious Power Bloodline Hang out with 1 Ally of your choice daily!


Don't do it. Needless to say, those who manage to recruit a large number of new players will gain huge bonuses that aren't available elsewhere. However, BvS employs a rather robust anti-cheating system. If you get caught, you get your account banned, and then you can't play at all (making your bonuses worthless).

Don't try and get the bonus by making a bunch of alts. You'll get caught.


Your best bet for getting referrals is your own friends. Word of mouth is an incredible way to encourage people to play the game, especially if it's a game you can give a glowing review about already. However, make sure they come to the game through your link so you get credit! This is definitely the best way to get referrals, but few of us have 50 friends readily available for such a thing.

Another option is to make a thread on a forum that you regularly visit inviting people to play the game with you. Make sure that this is acceptable on the forum you're posting on, and that it doesn't violate the terms of service! Do not spam random forums with BvS advertisements. Annoying people and getting banned isn't going to get you referrals.

Probably the most common approach is to use the forum signatures provided by BvS itself. This approach relies more on the curiosity of random readers, and is much less likely to get you referral points (unless you happen to hang out where people really like anime!). While this is unlikely to get you many referral points, if you post in a rather high traffic forum, it will likely get you quite a bit of daily stamina.

Finally, you can try making your own BvS website. This will probably not get you many referrals. Most people looking for BvS websites are already playing BvS, and since they're already playing, they can't be referred to the game. Still, you may pick up some here and there. This is probably the most work for the least amount of payoff however.

Above all, use common sense about getting referrals. It's really easy to be obnoxious about it. Don't do that, and you'll be fine.

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