The Recode

This page is created barely for the documentation.




  • Basic Character Transfer complete.
  • Reaper Blood Complete.
  • Team Menu / Ally Reorganization Complete.
  • Item Reorganization Complete.
  • Bucket Menu Complete.
  • Jutsu Menu Complete.
  • Jutsu Reorder Menu Complete.
  • Non-JS Jutsu Reorder Menu Complete.
  • Basic Village Transfer complete.
  • Village Upgrades complete.
  • Village Transfer 'complete' (the base page stuff, anyway - there's so much village crap, gah)
  • Village Page recreation in progress.
  • Village Choice Boxes (party house button, spy button, etc) viewing implemented.
  • INITIAL CHARACTER AND VILLAGE VIRTUALIZATION COMPLETE (cue Code Lyoko bullcrap, but yes, that means that every character and village, at least in ome aspect, has been loaded into the new Billy)
  • Village Applications done
  • Village Page Viewing Complete (FINALLY, that was a major part)
  • Working on Applications, from the Village Menu end. Took a Mega Man 9 break. done
  • Village Page Done.
  • Monsters imported, enticement done.
  • Enticement Complete, working on The Storm.
  • Storm Complete.
  • Teams Complete.
  • Storehouse complete.
  • Jutsu Enhancement complete.
  • Permissions Complete.
  • Quickteams Complete (they were majorly screwed up)
  • Kaiju Fighting done.
  • Bonus-reading dice-rolling functions complete (bigger deal than I thought).
  • Spying Done, FINALLY. smile1.png
  • NWW done - had to do it first.
  • Attacking done.
  • Bingo Tracking Done.
  • Jutsu List / Use complete.
  • Bingoing Complete.
  • Sparring Complete.
  • Village Joining Complete.
  • Village Creation Complete.
  • Village Announcement Complete (easier than expected)
  • Change Info / Email Confirm Done
  • Repair done.
  • Party House done.
    • Party Wheel Done.
    • Ninja Jackpot Done.
    • 11DBHK Lottery Done.
    • Tsukiball Done.
    • Big Board Done.
    • Party Room Done.
    • Darts Done.
    • Scratch Tix Done.
    • Crane Loading done.
    • Crane Done.
  • PH Chat done.
  • Science done.
  • Potions is now 'Workshop', and One-Uses are called 'Potions'. CONFUSING!
  • Potions Done.
  • Themes/Crank done.
  • Player/Village Lookup done.
  • Character Creation done.
  • Juice done.
  • 90% of Dayroll done. I can feel it humming and glowing, like a well timed Emo Bucket ready to burst. Full Dayroll (everything but SCIENCE) clocks in at TWENTY TWO SECONDS CAN YOU DIG IT
  • Special Missions (now 'Quests') revamp theory done
  • Quest Selection Page done
  • Quest 'Hurdle' section code done (the code that covers things like "does you has twenty Kunai YOU DOES HERE BE TEH NINJERS")
  • Rolling challenges done
  • Quest Mission Roll done
  • Rolling challenges in progress Forget it, no more Rolling Challenges FINE, they are back in
  • Special Mission-to-Quests bridge code done
  • Quest Hurdles done
  • Quest Openers done
  • Quests DONE
  • Chunin Exam DONE SHMUP BREAK
  • Looping done
  • Email lostpwd/conf complete
  • IM done
  • pic approval done
  • band approval done
  • strength modifier in wasteland code done
  • bug report / suggestion box done
  • bug report 'mod' program done
  • admin messaging / editing done
  • trade menu DONE that was harder than I thought
  • kage board done
  • Generic Kaiju making done
  • Trophy Code Complete
  • Awesome Code Complete
  • Arena Item to NWW Item done
  • Facebook (waiting until post recode)
  • arena leftovers Done
  • transfer code Done
  • old chara delete code Done
  • SECOND VIRTUALIZATION DONE (to use during the penultimate test)
  • Transfer checking Done
  • Mission Start / Selection DONE
  • Mission Transfer DONE
  • Mission Code DONE
  • Missions Pseudocode DONE
  • Mission selection DONE
  • mission startscreen DONE
  • mission flow DONE
  • Mission Code DONE
  • mission attempting DONE
  • mission item rewards DONE
  • mission bonuses slight recoding (making AP/XP boosts all affect DXP, coding ryo_change as a full-fledged bonus, not just a missions-only keyword) DONE
  • Trophy List DONE
  • Awesome Abilities complete (Thanks, Vysaga), balancing /encoding DONE

Change: No free Reaper Blood change per day.
Reason: there's tons of Stamina out there, 20 isn't hurting anybody.

Change: no more Trainers.
Reason: Makes ally collection unnecessary to starting Ninja, overpowers WhiteEye. Allows me to drop in extra-rare basic Allies without having to make an excuse for each.

Change: no losing Allies in 'incorrect worlds', they merely 'disable' (no bonus)
Reason: 'whoops I clicked Reaper, there goes my team' = crap.

Major Change: Layout of game changes from 550px width to 850-950 px (i.e. the game isn't in that crappy little column anymore, but is full-browser).
Reason: FINALLY got the go-ahead from the advertisers. Will not be implemented in the first release of the Recode (want to get code done before completely new UI)

Change: no televillage, merely zero storehouse access on days you transfer villages
Reason: bookkeeping (also, bookkeeping has three consecutive paired letters)

Change: IntraVillage Geography. You'll be able to wander around your Village for random good and bad events. "Walk North. Walk North. Walk NorthWest. You have found a bag of Ryo!" Larger Village = more stuff.

Change: village Page Breakup. That freaking page is the bane of Billy. It's being split into at least a half dozen pages - battle stuff (attack / spy), NWW stuff (buying / fighting), info (here's a list of your villagers, etc), admin stuff (here's where you take people in and out), join/leave (send apps, etc)

Change: Everyone will be able to Collect and Patrol. The effectiveness, however, will change based on Rank.

Change: Looping will be optional - no Cap.

Change: Village Remodeling will no longer be necessary. Due to changes in Village Attacking, a small / large village will not be 'exploitable'. (psh, 1 S4 Jonin = a death squad, regardless of the village they are in)

Change: Upgrades do not Disable - they instead incur a 5-10% Red Damage penalty each day they are not covered by active villagers at the current activity rate.

Update: Son of a B, the new Billy is SO FASTO, it makes me cry. Like, dozens and dozens of times faster. Large things - dayrolls, character searches, Trade usage - are a HUNDRED times faster. omg.

Multipliers will no longer 'multiply'.50% bonus + 50% bonus will now equal 200% ( 1.0 + (.5*1.0)+(.5*1.0) ) as opposed to 225%. (1.0 * (1.0 + .5) * (1.0 + .5)). I understand this will greatly lower certain super-stacked bonuses (Ryo is the biggest example). New bonuses will be implemented, and old one will be buffed, to compensate.

Enticed monsters will not 'repeat' until all monsters have been beaten once.

There's no more Top Storm - the 5K will get you a favor, and that's it.

Stamina Favors now only give 200 Stamina - there's no real reason to use the other ones at 400. Yes, I know, -200, boo.

You will be able to have more than Three Teammates. Not sure if I'll actually allow the Max 3 to be broken, but made is so you aren't filling 'slots', but instead adding names to a list. I can see a need for a 'Bucket Brigade', with tons of teammates, to get Emo 3, for example.

Change: You may no longer use Stamina to change Teams. Players get 2 Team Changes / day at Genin, +1 per Rank, +1 per Season, for free. After that, Jutsu may be used to change teams, but Stamina is not allowed.

RoboVillagers will be implemented. They will count as a non-idle Villager that collects or patrols every day, just not as good as a real 'live' village. They will have an increasing daily Ryo cost for each one you have.

Patrolling and Collecting will be their own mini-games. Suggestions on what they should be will be taken on the discussion thread.
Controversial Possible Change: When you 'Spy' on a Village, YOU are that spy. As in,
you cannot spy on any other village yourself. The chance of detection / time until invasion will be based on your character's items and abilities.

Controversial Possible Change 2: Villages will not be limited to 1 resource created per day. Some upgrades will be locked until entering the War. One of these will allow you to make Basic, non-home resources (MW when your 'home resource' is BC for example). Peacetime defense will be greatly lowered, if not removed - turtling is no longer an option. 'Leaving the War' will be possible, for a large price.

Village Size Requirements will be abolished completely for Upgrade buying. Instead, there will be an 'Upgrade Requirement'. You'll need, say, 5 other upgrades (any upgrades) to get Upgrade X, 20 to get Upgrade Y, etc.

THE RECODE IS NEARING COMPLETION. Left is only the Party House (simple), Missions (god), Special Missions (oh god), the Arena (triple god), and Dayroll (not that bad, honestly). I have dedicated a lot more free time to the recode, and it is going very quickly.

That being said, once the code is done, a lot of things are changing, or are probably changing, or whatever.

I want to create a players council.

Someone make a thread and come up with ideas on how to do it.

Sparring is now super simplified - push the button, stat vs stat with no bonuses, all on the same page, leaving code modules in for 'helper' allies (like BruceJr2 and his +Stamina). you no longer see your opponents item list. however, you now DO see your opponents' lists in the NWW.

People get up to 2.5K of Ryo daily for free, spendable only in the party house. As in, you get a 2.5K worth of party house coupons that you can blow there, and they top-up daily.

Stamina and Resources are now not given through the wheel. Neither is Rack / Yuri - they are given through 'spent' levels, like the Rack is now.

Major Bingo Change: If you 'UnBingo' yourself (Tsukiball, potion, etc), you are still unable to Attack a Village ('cooldown') for 4 hours. The one who Bingo'd you is notified of your UnBingoing. If you Unbingo due to the Bingo wearing off (letting the timer run out) you are not 'in cooldown'.

Un-change: a large enough of the playerbase uses browsers that will not allow local display of images. Therefore no 'downloading the images and hosting them from home to speed things up'.

Debating giving people X number of spy attempts / attack attempts per day, rather than having it cost stamina.

Major Change: Sparring is now FREE. No stamina cost. XP gained via sparring is now greatly reduced, and BJ2 gives +2 Stam per, not +4.

Special Missions only take you back to Step 1 if you abandon them. Failing leaves you at the same spot.

Special Missions now cost 30 Stam to start, +10 Stam per step. Failing does not require you to 'start' again.

Realms are now done slightly different.

  • Completing the IM gives you the Key of the Twilight.
  • It costs a Key to Create a Realm.
  • If you are in charge of a Realm, and were the one who created it, and kick everyone out and leave it (destroying the Village), you get the Key back.
  • your 'idle leader timer' is 60 days, not 14.

This means you can give up leadership just like a normal Village.

COMPLETE NWW OVERHAUL 2: The NWW will be a walk-around, movement point based area, with denesive positions and other such hilarity. During Dark Hours, only Reapers can play, for vastly improved NWW XP. Moons no longer 'wane' - they will be permanent 'levels', were you level from New Moon, to Crescent Moon Waning, up to Full. Move around, stabbu people, disguise jutsu to hide, points that if held grant your whole village, bonuses - it'll be AWESOME. seriously thinking about holding off the publish of the recode until it is done. We'll see. Recode first. HOWEVER, that means some things that are in the Arena will instead be in the NWW in a boring way. "Oh, I won all my NWW today, I got a Moon Level, yaaay." "Going to Spend my NWW on buying Doughman, woo." NO BAWWING.

NAME CHANGE The NWW is now called 'the Arena'. This is so that the walk-around awesome thing can be properly called the NWW.

Collecting: collect/patrol/repair no longer cost stamina. IN ADDITION, there will be a fourth option: "Recycle" (or "Volunteer", or something, i dunno yet, suggestions in thread plz). This option lowers Upkeep that night by 1%.


  • The Recode was completed 01/23/2009
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