Reaper Menu

As a Reaper, you can focus your energy, in order to release your Reaper Blood.

Take penalties for added power.

To Access

Spiritual Levels

Reaper_Blood_-_Dormant.jpg Reaper_Blood_-_Shikai.jpg Reaper_Blood_-_Bankai.jpg Reaper_Blood_-_Cobra_Kai.jpg
Dormant Shikai Bankai Cobra Kai
no change -2 Levels
+2 Strength
+5 Levels
-1 Strength
-4 Levels
+4 Range

How to Obtain


This is the default Spiritual Level.


This is the first release of your Reaper Blood. Obtain by completing the Release the Power Special Mission.


This is the second release of your Reaper Blood. Obtain by completing the Adventures in the Other Side Special Mission.

Cobra Kai

This is the third release of your Reaper Blood. Obtain by completing either The Pants or The Pantsless special mission ( you can't complete both ).

Naming Your Sword

The first time you access the Reaper Blood Menu, you get the chance to name your Sword of the Reaper and give it a call. This is not a one-time desicion but it costs you 100,000 Ryo to change it, when first chosen

Your sword speaks to you.. "Call my Name."

Name your Sword!

Doing so gets you Shikai and an Excellent Jutsu!

You need to choose for Call and Name. Normal Letters/Numbers/Spaces only, 12 characters max Call, 15 characters max Name. Capitalization counts - it's expensive to change!

Call Name
Meow Kittypuncher

will give you Meow, Kittypuncher!

Name your Sword!

Call Name
<insert call> <insert name>

You have named your Sword! You've learned Soul Reaper Style: <insert call>, <insert name>!


To change the Reaper Blood state it costs 20 Stamina

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