BvS features a Ninja ranking system similar to the one found in the Naruto Universe. New players begin at the bottom of the hierarchy and work their way up by earning XP, increasing their attributes, and completing special missions. Getting promoted is very important - higher ranked players get more stamina per day, get increased range and stronger bloodline abilities, and can request higher ranked missions and can learn more powerful jutsu, just to name a few of the benefits. The ranks are as follows.

Ninja Academy Student

The Rank you have when you start playing. You are only allowed to attempt the Begin Genin Exam special mission.

(Note: This rank no longer exists. New players now start the game as level six genin.)


This is your basic beginning ninja. While they have successfully completed the ninja academy, learned a few jutsu and gained at least one ally, they aren't really capable of doing too much on their own yet. Genin can only go on D-Rank missions, and are limited to traveling with only 2 allies.


Chunin Hint
The Chunin exam will happen once you are level 12.

Chunin are your average ninja. They've made a number of allies, learned a number of new jutsu, and have managed to complete the rigorous Chunin Exam Part 1, Forest of Death and Final Fight. As a result, they have gained the ability to travel with 3 allies instead of 2, go on C-Rank missions and can request missions that focus on genjutsu, ninjutsu or taijutsu. They also receive 180 stamina per day and can get a custom avatar picture in the shop.

Special Jonin (Genjutsu/Ninjutsu/Taijutsu)

Special Jonin Hint
Once you get one of your Gen/Nin/Tai stats to XX and are in a Village in the Ninja World War, you'll be able to become Special Jonin!

Special Jonin are experienced Chunin with an exceptional ability in one attribute. To show their expertise, they must successfully teach a young potential ninja (Timmy) by taking him on a number of successful missions (30). In addition, to be recognized as a Special Jonin, a ninja must be a member of a Village that is in the Ninja World War. As a result of their specialization, Special Jonin gain a bonus of +2 range in their specific attribute. They also receive 200 stamina per day and may request B-Rank missions. To become Special Jonin you have to complete quest The Student Becomes the Teacher or The Student Becomes the Teacher (Season 2+).


Jonin Hint
Jonin need to be at least Level 41…

Jonin are the elite ninja of BvS. Unlike Special Jonin who only focus in a single attribute, Jonin are masters at all aspects of the shinobi. Because of their broad ability, Jonin receive a bonus of +2 range in all attributes, not just a single specialization. Jonins also get 230 stamina per day, get their starting bloodline improved, and can request A-Rank missions and when village has Ninja Ambassadors, S-Rank missions. Note that the required level for Jonin is level 41 for any season. To become Jonin you have to complete quest Jonin Ascension or Jonin Ascension (Season 2+).


Sannin Hint
Sannin need to be at least Level 60…

Sannin are the most powerful ninja in BvS. They are living legends, known far and wide for their incredible skill and the famous battles they have fought. To become a Sannin is the ultimate honor, and only those recognized by the original three Sannin and who hail from a Great Village can possibly gain this lofty rank. Sannin get 250 stamina per day, get a permanent item that gives them 15% extra Ryo on missions. They also deal +100% damage to Kaijus and can request AA-Rank missions. To become Sannin you have to complete quest The Big Three.


To become R00t you have to defeat the Phase The One Sin or complete the quest R00t Access. R00t may shoot Phases core and obtain the Lost Weapons, and gain +2 Drain Strength against Phases. They also retain the +100% damage bonus against Kaiju.


You unlock the rank of Protagonist by completing the Quest The Look.

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