World Shoveling Association
World Shoveling Association
An ice cream truck pulls up, jingling! You love ice cream!

(Requirements: Picked for Snow Day participation)

Is that a shovel? >


Say What indeed!

You are walking down the street without a care in the world, when an ice cream truck pulls up, and you are jumped by a bunch of guys in winter wear! They club you with a shovel and drag you away!

Eek! I'm frozen with terror! (okay, that's a really bad pun. I'm sorry. -11) >

Part 1

The Winter Mafia
"I see you been shovelin' real good," says one of them.
"Yeah, maybe TOO good," says another.
This goes on for a while, with "nyah, see?"s and "sleep with the ice fishes"es (which doesn't even make sense) here and there.

Seriously, you have no idea what these people want. They are all looking at you, though.

Nod >

They all cheer!

Then they put a sack on your head and hit you with a shovel.

Continue World Shoveling Association >


The ice cream truck rolls up, and unceremoniously kicks you to the curb, throwing your prize on top of you.

"You. Get to Shoveling."

Bleh. You hate shoveling.

You got a Snowman!


You got a Snowshovel!


You got a MegaPlow!


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