Wild Child
Wild Child
Trapchan offers to help you with your Drain problem..

(Requirements: Trapchan, Visited Hidden Forbidden Holy Ground)

Zounds? >


Trap leans up next to you. "Y'know, if you squeeze them over jussst right, you might be able to squeeze a little more out of those people you've been Draining.."

Stop saying SQUEEZE >

Part 1

Trapchan Workout
Trap cajoles you. "Can't you give a few more people the ol' stabbity-stabbity.. for me?"

I have Drained other players at least 10 times > (Requirement)


'Mmmm!' Trapchan is pleased!


Trapchan is not impressed.

Continue Wild Child >


Trap gets a couple of blades, and steps in with you to the Fields. "Let's take care of one a' those big boys, okayyy?' Trap huggles you and points towards the nearest Phase.

Should you be turned on? (should you tell anyone if you are?)

Trapchan is now Trapchan Lvl. 2!


You do not need to have ten hacks active simultaneously, only to have performed ten successful hacks ever. They can have been performed in earlier seasons.

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