Where'd You Hear That?
Where'd You Hear That?
What's that weird noise? It's giving you a case of paranoia..

(Requirements: B-Class Laser, BillyCon Center)

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You suddenly remember this weird thing you heard while on a B-Class Mission, some sort of stupid quote.. but what was it from?

(this quest is thanks to Divreon, who helped 11 figure out a mystery!)

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Part 1

Scour your past

You check everywhere, but you can't hear it again. You are sure it was from a B-Class Mission, but was it? Better check it out!

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You give up after checking EVERYTHING, and go to a BillyCon - and you hear it coming from the Con Suite! "Om nom om nom is om nom nom nom OM NOM NOM." It's some guy eating a sandwich, before giving a beer to a hot 19-year old and getting the Con Suite for this major con shut down forever!

(not really, but that ACTUALLY HAPPENED at a con I went to, and my FRIEND was the STUPID IDIOT WHO DID IT. Thanks, dude. She didn't even like you anyway, she ended up with my other buddy who said she looked like a dancer. Sheesh. -11)

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Oh, THAT'S what it was from. Odd. What were you doing listening to something like that?

You got Mondo Keycard!

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