What Is That Noise
What Is That Noise?

It sounds like "unz unz unz". You can't figure out where it is coming from.

(Requirements: 1 Random Player every few hours, unlock not lost until quest completed)

Listen >


"unz unz unz unz unz-"
And then it stops.
Oh no.

What is that flying at me >

Part 1

Here It Comes
You see something from far away flying at you very,
very quickly.

I Don't Know What To Do >


Neither did 11.

Continue What Is That Noise >


You instinctively raise your hand as something flies at
you from on high, and you catch it.

You got something horrifying.

You'll figure it out.


  • You get the item Ninja Cat Barf.
  • The quest is unlocked to a new player every 1-5 hours, randomly rolled every time someone gets it.
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