You return to the place you awoke, to an astonishing sight!

(Requirements: Released Eleven-Pronged Seal)

..to Kaiju Island *cue music* >


You stand at the spot you first woke, to an astonishing sight. The ground is spiraling open, like an unfolding origami flower, revealing a huge expanse of land - and a lake, no, a sea - and far off in the distance an island, crowned with a giant plateau.

The wind around you rages, as the sky itself buckles, forced to accept the new reality.

You hear a voice behind you. "Well, that came back pretty fast."

Turn Around >

Part 1

You turn, and see Timmy standing there. "Yeah, this Island disappeared a while back - right when you first became a Genin, actually."

"The same day. huh." He shakes his head. "Anyway."

Pointing at the Island, he continues. "The Ninja as a whole have been fighting the Kaiju for who knows how long, but one day, their Island just up and disappeared. No one could find it, the maps were incorrect, and other than the few rampaging Kaiju that were left, the war just.. stopped. Now, it's back, and the Leaders of all the Villages haven't decided what to do. I was going to go check it out - want to tag along? It's a long ride.."

I have 5000+ Stamina1> (Requirement)


You nod, and he smiles, snapping his fingers.

A - let's call it a "contraption" - descends from the sky.

A steaming, whirling, helicopter-meets-steamboat lands next to him.
"We used to use these all the time, before the War stopped. Hop on."


You nod, but he shakes his head. "You'll never be able to hold on for the trip. Go get some more rest, or stock up."

You Failed!

Continue Welcome.. >

Part 2

Timmy grins. "You know, I was a part of an elite group, we were in the vanguard of the big battles. Youngest pilot ever!" He wrestles the controls. "Yup, if it's got wings or sails, I've got you covered."

You gain altitude, and can see more of the island - covered in thick jungle, with a spiral of clouds above it.

"I heard we were working on some weapon or something that would end the war. But then, our head researcher just vanished - poof! Craziest thing. Him, this island.. wait a second, what's that? What the-"

A dark hum erupts from the shore, and lances of light paint over your craft, searching for something..

I have 70+ different tradeable Kaiju Drops >2> (Requirement)


The lights shut off, and the hum subsides. "Oh. Guess it was nothing. Heh." You press on, towards the island.


The blare of an alarm klaxon rises, and high-tech missiles streak from shore-based launch bays, ripping apart your craft.

You Failed!

Continue Welcome.. >

Part 3

A Bumpy Ride
As you get closer to the Island, the wind starts to pick up - REALLY pick up. Timmy turns the craft, placing it in a holding pattern.

"Usually, that guy'd be able to cut through something like this for us, but we're going to have to turn back.."

Use 11+ Storm Favors > (Requirement)


You raise your hands and concentrate, and the spirialing winds slow, and even reverse for a short time, pulling you into the island.

"Nice!" Timmy hovers over a clearing as you struggle to concentrate.

"Jump! I'll meet you at the top in the eye of this storm!" He points to the mesa in the center of the island.


You get low on fuel, and have to turn back.

Continue Welcome.. >


Like a rubber band suddenly released, Timmy's contraption springs away from the island as your weight leaves it.

You catch a glimpse of him saluting you as you look up from where you landed, a small clearing in the middle of the vast jungle. He is caught by the whirlwind above, and whisks out of sight, as you survey the flora around you alone, hoping to find some answers in this strange land.

You have unlocked Jungle Missions!

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