Walking Alone
Walking Alone
Tsukasa keeps staring at the empty space where the Field Gate would be..

(Requirements: Tsukasa, Visited Hidden Forbidden Holy Ground)

Help Them Out >
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Tsukasa stares at the Gate area, longingly. You Focus to look at their Core, and see that they are.. missing something? Part of their Core is gone!

Investigate >

Part 1

Fill in the Blanks
You might be able to help them out with a little Core..

Give 5000 Core > (Requirement)

You fill in where you think that Tsukasa is missing some things, and they start to self-replicate the process, healing greatly!

Continue Walking Alone >


Tsukasa puts on a foofy hat and picks up a stick. 'I"m coming with you,' they say. 'I have to find what I"m missing.'

Tsukasa is now Tsukasa Lvl 2!

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