Walk the Dog
Walk the Dog
Dude, that dog over there is giving you the stinkeye!

(Requirements: Dog Treats, Chunin Rank+)

Return the Favor >


Dude, this dog is totally sniffing at you!

Sniff Back >

Part 1

Get that Dog!
As soon as he sees you notice him, he makes a face at you and poofs away!
Difficulty: 11 Successes: 3

Attack! »


You poof to where his poof is going to poof, and you grab him by the tail!


You totally lose him. Way to be.

Continue Quest >

Part 2

Dinner Time
The dog starts sniffing through your ninja loot, looking for treats!

Give Him Six Dog Treats > (Requirement)


He fills up on snacks! Sweet!


You don't have enough treats! He gives you the stinkeye and bites you!

You Failed!

Continue Quest >


Spot wolfs them down, and starts following you around! You've made a new friend!

You got Spot!
(+50% Ally/Item Find Chance!)

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