Wake the Snake
Wake the Snake
Some sneaky snake-guy wants to talk to you..

(Requirements: Jonin Rank, Bingoed)

Listen to his Offer >


You are approached by a creepy rockstar-looking guy. "Ssssso, I see you've fallen at the hands of your enemies," he, well, 'ssssays'. "How about you and I talk?"

Hmm.. >

Part 1

Listen to his offer
He talks on and on. Try to follow him!
Difficulty: 10 Successes: 10

Success! You understand his proposal Creepy.

Continue Quest >

Part 2

Gather Those With Potential

He tells you that he needs three truly exceptional students to perform a great experiment, and no one will be harmed. Introduce him to three Level 2 Ninja!

I Have Three Lvl. 2+s in my Team > (Requirement)

You meet up with him with a full crew in tow. "Exccccellent."

Continue Quest >

Part 3

Beat the Snake
"Oh, thankssss. Now I just need to take over their bodiessss.." he says, reaching for them. "Yeah, we thought so - taste a quadruple Ninja Attack!" You all attempt to beat him down!
Difficulty: 14 Successes: 10

Success! You beat the crap out of him, and when he tries to run, you dogpile him! "Oh, no you don't, you work for ME now!"

Continue Quest >


You drag SNAKEMAN to town. "Get in your hole! Now show me your Jutsu! YOUR JUTSU - SHOW ME THEM." You've made a new 'friend'!

SNAKEMAN joins you!

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