Very Tragic Story
Very Tragic Story
A jumpy meatball-haired girl needs your help!

(Requirements: 5 Kunai)

Help Her Out >


Meatballs is late!

A meatball-haired girl is running around, freaking out - "omigod, omiGOD, if I don't have this summon ready, Bruce Sr. is going to give me one of his two-hour speeches. You!" she points at you. "Help me out!"

Help Her! >

Part 1

Catalog Weapons
Get an accurate count of Meatballs' arsenal!
Difficulty: 6 Successes: 2

Attack! »


Whoa. you've never counted that high, but you are sure you've gotten it right.

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Part 2

Bruce Sr.'s Challenge
You run into her as she is training. "You! Come Here! Help This Girl By Throwing Targets For Her Attack! *thumbs up* Meatballs gives you a stinkeye. "Don't make me look bad.."
Difficulty: 7 Successes: 3

Attack! »


She bullseyes 100 out of 100 - perfect!


She screws up when you throw a couple mean curves, and her kunai sail into the woods. "It'll take all DAY to find those!"

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Part 3

Hook a Girl Up

Afterwards, she's five Kunai short! She asks if she can have five of yours.

Hand Some Over > (Requirement)


You reluctantly hand them over. "Seriously, thanks. I'll get you back, promise."

Continue Quest >


Meatballs pats you on the back. "You know, you are all right. Let's hang out sometime." You've made a new friend!

You got Meatballs!

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