Tsukuyomi Ascendant
Tsukuyomi Ascendant

Vanilla sees the Dark Mark on your finger, and speaks to you..

(Requirements: Dark Band, Vanilla, Strawberry Lvl. 3 or Mister Tea Lvl. 3, Season 2+)

Listen >


Vanilla takes you to a precipice in the Other World, over a moonless night. "Check that?" He points at the empty sky. "To me, I see a moon, waxing full, granting me with limitless power. You will, too, once you attune yourself."

Word to your Mother >

Part 1

Find the Night Within.
This is a Rolling Challenge!
Difficulty 12 Successes Remaining 800
Only Reaper and Innate abilities may be used here!


You still are disconnected to the truth of it all..


You sense the connection between worlds.

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Part 2

The Final Connection

You sense it - the Moon, the source of monsters for millenia, is a path between worlds. "You'll get closer to the truth only through battle," Vanilla says. "Bring it to others of your kind, and you'll get closer. When you are fully 'there', you'll be able to unlock your ultimate power."

(If you face another Monochrome with a connection to the Moon in the Arena, you can attune using their power, strengthening your own.

Your Moon will wane over time - you must win or lose an attunement battle to return it to full strength.)

I have a Full Moon1or greater > (Requirement)


You turn, and see the Full Moon in the eternal night.

Continue Quest >


You stand under the Full Moon, letting the power of it flow into you. It links you to this world and the next, and grants you absolute control over your domain, and by the time you next pass by here, the life of your clan will be linked with your own. You see into the nature of reality, and how to travel the same path over and over again.

You have obtained the Item Sight Beyond Sight!

You have unlocked a Theme upon Looping! (Ascension Theme)

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