Tour Day Three
Tour Day Three
Flipper pounds on your door. "Eek! Help me!"

(Requirements: Pretty Rainbow Sticker)

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"Wake up, wake up!" Flipper yells. "A.. um.. Monster is attacking!" You look outside, and Flip is standing next to some loser in a fake monster suit, who is kicking over trashcans and going "Grr, I am a monster!". -_-

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Part 1

'Monster' Fight
Some stupid guy has a cheesy rubber monster suit on. Pound him!
This is a Rolling Challenge!
Difficulty: 4 Successes: 15


You beat on him for a bit, but he's still standing!


You finally pound him into the dirt. Flipper looks worried.

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The fake monster bleeds and whimpers quietly. "What the crap?!" yells Flipper, "This was supposed to be just for fun! The HoCage will have my hide for this! Serves me right for taking this psycho on a tour!"

He looks at you. "The tour is over! Oh man oh man oh man.."

While he freaks out, you toss away your stupid rainbow sticker, and grab the now-bloody monster mask from the limp form of the loser you just owned. Now THIS is something cool.

You got a Monster Mask (+1 Levels, +10 Stamina per day)!

Welcome to Billy Vs. SNAKEMAN!

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