Thirty Lives
Thirty Lives
Wow, a strange group of your allies are rocking out!

(Requirements: Kagamin, Kona-chan, Pinky Lvl. 3)

You Gotta Believe >


The three ladies have apparently started some sort of band, or at least won't get down from the roof of Village Ramen Shop..

Listen In >

Part 1

Everybody Get Up Up

The group of them are on top of the Ramen Shop, rocking out! They aren't very good, though, so you decide to cheer them on!

I am Hanging Out with 7+ Allies > (Requirement)


You manage to get a big enough group together to listen!


No one else wants to listen to them!

Continue Quest >

Part 2

Everybody Get Down Down

Pinky ducks a thrown Ninja Cat, and yells to the crowd, "Let me hear all the WorldKai Bashers in crowd say "Woo!"

I have done 500+ Swings against the World Kaiju > (Requirement)


You go "Woo!".

You are the only one who "Woo"s. Still, they seemed to enjoy it!

Continue Quest >

Part 3

Everybody Get Left Right Left Right B A

Finally, the two girls with Pinky get fed up and start to leave. "This isn't fun anymore." "I was told there would be candy. There is no candy."

You think, 'oh, boy, Sugary Candy, this hurdle will be easy!'..

but they leave before you can get any out. Drat.

Still, Pinky *is* rocking out up there, you might as well listen to the end..

I am only Hanging Out with Pinky > (Requirement)


You sit there, all alone, listening. Woo.


She finishes her set and leaves uneventfully.

Continue Quest >


"Thank you very much!" Pinky takes off her belt and throws it into the crowd!

Since you are the only person in the crowd, you figure that you get to keep it.

You got the K-Belt!

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