The Witching Hour
The Witching Hour
After PizzaWitch closes, you meet in the dark..

(Requirements: 'The Race' completed)

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Cici waits until the last customer leaves, and as soon as you turn out the lights, she grabs you. "You can do it, can't you?

"You can Loop."

Uh-oh >

Part 1

The Talk
Cici talks quickly, as if she has very little time. "I knew it! Some of you Ninjas know more than you should, have more than you should - you can somehow 'rewind' yourselves, to attempt things again and again! Do you know how powerful that is?"

Before you can answer, she continues. "Since you aren't constrained by any one of these Fields, you should be able to get OUT of here - the only way you can go - Up." She points at the ceiling.

"No, not the attic, fool - Up. The sky. Beyond it. At a certain height in this world, there is a barrier, a force, that keeps ones without Awesome away. Above there has to be something, something that keeps us in here. If you look hard enough, and long enough, you'll be able to see it if you try - a lattice, something that keeps the AboveGround separated from us. It's another reality, of people caught between Loops. That's where I got these cards, and these Rides. I know someone in there, and if you have a launching platform high enough, and you can see the barrier, you can get them out, you could help us all. Are you in?"

I have been affected by the Mark of the RNG 5 or more times, and either my Village has a Spire or it has a Spy in a Village that has a Spire >


You start to talk, but she covers your mouth. "There's no time. There's an opening coming up in a few days. We don't have time. Get ready."


She shakes her head. "No, that's not enough. Never mind."

Continue Quest >


"In the dark of night, in the back room, the Greass has an effect on reality. The Fields gel together, and you can get to places that no one has been.

"Go ahead and explore that place, see what you can find," she says.

"Maybe you can bring back some things that I lost there, and we can find out what's going on up there."

You got Racer's Edge/Shift to Drift!

You've unlocked the Witching Hour Missions!
(This replaces your other Drift Style Bloodline. Change it from the Main Menu!)

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