The Voice of the Soul
The Voice of the Soul
A low, sharp voice calls out to you.. "Bring me Forth."

(Requirements: Soul Candy)

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As a new Reaper, you feel strangely lacking in some way. Late at night, while walking the streets of a Village, you hear a voice coming from a right angle to reality..

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Part 1

Focus on the voice, to determine from where it comes.
Difficulty: 10 Successes: 6


"You find it with your mind, and speak back. "Who are you?""


"You can't find it, and it simply fades away.. Back you go"

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Part 2

Sacrifice of the Blade
The voice speaks to you. "I am the missing Blade - the sword of No Name that all Reapers carry. To summon me, you must give of your own strength, but I will replace that, and in due time, both of us will be stronger."

To summon the Sword of the Reaper, you must lose two permanent levels from each of your Gen, Nin, and Tai stats. You also lose any experience gained towards your next levels.

The Sword itself, however, gives +2 Levels in each of Gen, Nin, and Tai, so you will fight as normal in almost everything. The choice is yours.

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You focus your energy, reach out, and your arm is enveloped in an otherworldy portal..

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You feel a deep wrenching as you pull your hand free from the void, and it returns clutching a stark blade. You no longer hear its voice, but know that you will again.. someday.

You've obtained the Sword of the Reaper!

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