The Trade
The Trade
That creepy ghost that's been following you wants to talk..

(Requirements: Juicy Apple, Hyuk)

Listen >


That creepy ghost that's been following you around introduces himself. "A-hyuk, my name's Hyuk, and have I got a deal for ya! First, though, lemme see them there apples.."

Juicy! >

Part 1

Five Apples

"Ahum, ahum, them apples look mighty tasty.." You think about five will fill him up..

Hand over 5 Apples > (Requirement)


He snacks them all down, and says "A-hum, that was shure good. Here, listen up.."


"I guess I'm a lil' more hungry than that."

You Failed!

Continue Quest >

Part 2

Come to Grips
Wait - so there is an invisible ghost who is following you around, offering you great power. Try not to go crazy!
Difficulty: 11 Successes: 11

Attack! »


You calm down. "Sure, this creepy ghost-thing wants to make a deal with me. That's perfectly normal."

Continue Quest >

Part 3

Bingo a Leader
Hyuk sidles up to you. "Gawww-lee, I betcha you ain't good 'nuff to done take out a leader of one-a them there Villages with Style!" Prove him wrong!

I have Bingo'd a Village Leader today (or I have 500+ Style) > (Requirement)


He shakes his head up and down. "Ayup, not bad."

Continue Quest >

Part 4

Take the Deal

Hyuk nods. "Whell-um, I guess I can done trade ya some-a my powers. Let'cha see what Stat you need to Bingo people, maybe get some Stamina every time you do, and that's just for starters. Tell ya what - you give me 10 of your Daily Stamina (so now ya get 10 less stamina a day), and I'll hook ya up. I betcha you land some nifty friends with it, and maybe an item or two."

(Note: this is a PERMANENT trade: 10 of your daily Stamina for a new Bloodline, which unlocks Allies, items, and additional powers. If you don't want to, leave and Abandon the mission.)

Make The Trade > (Requirement)


He nods, and in a very un-Hyuk like accent, says "Excellent."

Continue Quest >


You don't feel a thing - but, looking around you, you see exactly what you need to do to take each person out. Well, maybe you do feel a little more tired..

You've made The Trade!

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