The Titans
The Titans
You finish up a shift, and Stripey has something for you..

(Requirements: 7 Rage Upgrades)

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"Hahahaha. No. That's for next time."

Aww. >

Part 1

Vertical Pricing Gear
"Still alive? Awesome." MC Stripeypants is standing at the threshold with your pay, and a big case. He motions you closer.

"Check it." The lid pops, and a bit of dramatic pressurized steam wafts out. Inside are a pair of hydraulic pricing guns and a belt.

"This is Vertical Pricing Gear. It lets you move throughout the store and interact in a limited fashion with the customers. Save it for the important ones, though."

Important? >

"Oh, you'll know. You'll know."

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Stripey spins you around and kicks you right back through the door.

"You got this, champ! Remember, base of the neck!"

He mimes a karate-chop at the back of his neck.

"Chop chop! HA, chop chop, I swear, I'm not planning these!" He yanks the lever, and the door slams down.

You got Vertical Pricing Gear!
Check the Retail section!

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