The Secret
The Secret
MC Stripeypants has the solution!

(Requirements: Hall Pass, Mister Tea, MC Stripeypants Lvl. 2, Miss Kitty, Robogirl Lvl. 2, Season 2+)

Listen In! >


You sit down with Robogirl (in full-on City Crushing Mode, not that anyone notices for some reason) and MC at the lunch table. You and Robo argue for a few minutes about whether or not today's pizza is haunted, when MC jumps out of his seat. "Stop!" he says, "Collaborate and listen!"

He rummages under the table, and pulls out a presentation. You and Robo listen intently.

What's the Word? >

Part 1


"Okay. That cat of yours and I were talking (huh?). A lot of the people around here have the feel of Reapers to them, but they don't do anything, they just go to class, hang out, whatever. They must have done something to keep themselves under the radar. On top of that, the few fights we have had, the enemy had far more power and freedom of movement than the rest of us. It is like they are missing something.. We need to talk to an expert. Let's go see Mister Tea."

You sit down with Mister Tea. He sips from that same teacup, really loudly. SIP-P-P. Ick."I'll let you in on a secret - one that Stripey here has known for a while." Stripeypants looks away.

"The power of a Reaper lies in… their Pants."

Huh? >


What is he talking about? You listen on..

Continue Quest >

Part 2


"All of us have Pants - supernatural shackles that let us focus our power, look awesome, and keeps us from being arrested when we walk around outside. You've seen Stripey's Pants for days.. did you not sense their power?"

(but you don't have Pants..)

Tea senses your internal monologue. "No Monologues! You don't have Pants because you haven't tapped your inner Pants yet. The creatures that inhabit this place are different. They've had Pants.. and they've ripped them off somehow. Removed their shackles. The evil they can create is infinite. Here, I'll go get us what we need to find them. Stay here." He gets up to leave.

Seconds stretch into minutes. "He hasn't come back," says Robogirl. "I'm going to check on him!" She rolls out, and you hear a scream!

Check it out! >


What is he talking about? You rush out of the room to a horrible sight!

Continue Quest >


You find Mister Tea stuffed into a locker, cold and still. Stabbed into him is a bloody note, with just three words -


You must seek vengeance. You turn, alone, and walk back into the school, to seek retribution for what these monsters have done. You barely notice the powerful new clothing you've acquired.

You have disbanded your Team!

You have lost Mister Tea!

You have Awesome Pants! (+1 Range)

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