The Princess and the Dragon
The Princess and the Dragon
A ditzy girl is under attack by hordes of scary monsters!

(Requirements: Hairpin Piece)

Help Her Out >


A ditzy girl with a big bag of leeks is being attacked by creepy monsters! Save her!

To the Rescue! >

Part 1

Hold back the monsters
Fight off the creepy monsters attacking her!
Difficulty: 7 Successes: 4
Ability #2: Ninjutsu Difficulty: 6 Successes: 4

Attack! »


You cut through them and protect her!

Continue Quest >

Part 2

The Princess and the Dragon
You are taken down by an even larger crowd of evil monsters! You look up to see her standing there, shielding you..

I have three Hairpin Pieces >


"My Hairpin! Give those pieces to me!" She quickly assembles it, there is a flash of light, the monsters are vanquished, and you are safe!


Her nerve breaks, and she turns to you, afraid. "Run! Run!"

Continue Quest >


She runs off, without a care in the world!
You got a Blue Flower Hairpin! (Get back two stamina when charging chakra!)


  • You can do this quest as many times as you like, as long as you have sold your Blue Flower Hairpin and have 3 Hairpin Pieces
  • This quest now no longer sets your stamina to full even for your first use.
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