The Power of Blood
The Power of Blood
Gain the power of your ancient Bloodline!

(Special Quest - costs no Stamina!)

(Requirements: Level 9)

Take Hold >

Choose Your Basic Bloodline!

As you completed your latest mission, you flash back to a time long ago - when you were just a young, impressionable Ninja kid, and you made a choice that defines your existence..

  • RedEye (you poked yourself in the eye, and it bled all over - lets you learn Jutsu used on you in missions - also, you can learn bloodline-specific jutsu, and get more experience per mission)
  • WhiteEye (you got something nasty in your eye, and it stayed that way - lets you analyze your surroundings fully, and doubles your chances for finding rare items and ninjas - also, you can learn bloodline-specific jutsu, and are more adept at day-to-day missions)
  • Legacy of the Hero (You read the Legends of the Flash, and loved them so much you got a wicked eyepatch, just like he wore. You get 50% more Chakra than other Ninja, and allows you to recruit specific high-level Ninja and Summons that only Billy can get, and receive more stamina per day)

Choose Bloodline

You have chosen <Bloodline>. If that is correct, hit 'Choose Bloodline' again!

Choose Bloodline

Go Back

You recall your past, and your Bloodline Abilities flow into you..

You've gotten the Bloodline <Bloodline>!


  • <Bloodline> is the bloodline you chose.
  • This quest cost no stamina.
  • You only need to do this quest once in season 1. When you loop to a new season you automatically choose your basic bloodline and this quest does not appear.
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