The Paper
The Paper
Chunks, Jaws, and Venus are eyeing that Note Page of yours..

(Requirements: Chunks, Jaws, Venus, Note Page)

Let him see it >
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Chunks, shuffling his head to the top of his plastic bag, starts yelling at Venus.

"Hey, is that a Note Page? There's this hot girl that hangs out in the Wasteland that is totally MADE out of those things, right?" Venus nods, and Jaws speaks up - "I SAW HER THE OTHER DAY I THINK. CAN I EAT YOUR LEGS?"

Venus agrees. They start fighting over who gets the toes, and you snatch Chunks' bag away.

He yells, "No, seriously! She turns herself into them for whatever reason. Maybe she has a thing for Reapers!"

Maybe! >

Part 1


"Ten of them should do it!"

I have Ten Note Pages > (Requirement)


"Yup, this is everything!"

Continue Quest >


The Note Pages whirl in a sandstorm, and when you look back, there's a girl standing there!

"I thought I'd never come back together! Thanks!"

The Paper has joined your party!

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