The Pants
The Pants
You and Strawberry decide to take down your greatest foe!
(WARNING: You can do either this mission or 'The Pantsless'. Not both.)

(Requirements: Dark Band, Smiley, Blind Fury, Strawberry Lvl. 2, Season 2+)

Attack! >


Strawberry has rallied his forces. "Now is the time for us to destroy the Pantsless, and bring order to this world!" You travel through world after world, encased in a powerful aura that lets all of your allies come!

Go Forth >

Part 1

The Aspect of Hollow

To keep up with their speed, you will need an aspect of the darkness itself.

I have a Hollow Leg > (Requirement)

Your body melds with the Darkness.

Continue Quest >

Part 2

The Strength of Ages

Strawberry holds you back. "Have you ever fought a monster of this power? Have you fought so valiantly that you've come away with a token of its power? If not, you'll stand no chance here."

I have defeated a Kaiju and received a Monster Drop1 from it OR I have attacked Kaiju 100+ times without winning a Drop > (Requirement)

You nod, and you both dash to face the Lord of No Pants.

Continue Quest >

Part 3 (Non-Legacy only)

Arena Warrior

Strawberry holds you back. "Have you a friend that can accompany you? One that has mastered fighting one-on-one?"

I am Hanging Out with Doughman > (Requirement)

You nod, and you both dash to face the Lord of No Pants.

Continue Quest >

Part 4

The Final Boss?
You stand face to face with Mister Tea, the Lord of the Pantsless. "Why do you not join me? Taste the freedom of this brave world!" You leap to the attack, and he points his finger at you, eyes flashing to Bankai. "This hand of mine is Burning Red! SHINING-"
Difficulty: 40 Successes: 40
Ability #2: Taijutsu Difficulty: 40 Successes: 40
Only Reaper and Innate abilities may be used here!

This Hand of Mine
Perfect Jutsu Application!
Automatic win!

Success! You counter his Jutsu with your own, World Versus World, and defeat him!

You are struck down in a flash! You Failed!

You manage to dodge his deadly attack and strike him down!

Continue Quest >


Mister Tea fades, cut in two. "No - NOOOOO!"

You look around you, and the Pantsless cower away, letting the Dark Hour tick away, afraid to face you.

"We're done here. This war still continues," Strawberry says, "but it is better, knowing which side you are truly on."

Strawberry is Level 3!

You have unlocked the Reaper Blood Call Cobra Kai!


  • Completing this mission causes you to lose Mister Tea for the rest of the season.
  • if you are legacy and pass the final step without using the auto-success jutsu you get the message "You manage to dodge his deadly attack and strike him down!" (the same as you would get if you were non-legacy)

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