The Next Dragon
The Next Dragon
You sit, dejected, your power faded. Suddenly, you feel a strong hand on your shoulder!

(Requirements: Lost The Glow, OKKUSENMAN Trophy, Doughman Lvl. 3)

Osu >


Doughman lifts you up, and sets you on your feet. He points to a training area, and turns to walk towards it. You follow along..

Get to Work >

Part 1

Truly Awesome
You start to go through the Doughman Training Montage, but you aren't sure you can stand the Awesome..

I have 400+ Awesome > (Requirement)


You nod, and begin!

Part 2

Rising to the Challenge
You must complete this Epic Montage!

Use 22 Million Jutsu XP > (Requirement)


You complete the training!


You finish with a run up a mountain, as the sun dawns. You breath in, and the glow of the world resonantes with you, and you feel the power that you once gave up on its behalf return to you!

You got The Glow (again)!

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