The Mark 86
The Mark 86
Cici tells you about a new Ninja-portable Mecha suit!

(Requirements: Witching Hour unlocked)

Get Building >
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"If you are going to survive up there, you'll need something to protect you from the Elements." You wonder exactly how she knows what you'll need protection from if she's never been up there, but hey, more shinies, right?


Part 1

Building a Legend

"There are three parts to it, but legend says that all three cannot be brought together in one lifetime." you wonder what she means..

I have a Flux Capacitor, and the Mark 86 Engine, Drivetrain, and Turbo > (Requirement)


You show her the parts, and her eyes light up. "How is this even possible, unless.. never mind. Let's get building."

Continue Quest >


The Mark 86 seems to be built just for you - it fits perfectly, with interfaces that connect to Rides, Mechs, Cardboard, Ramen Mixers, anything - a universal robotic uplink.

"Looks good - now, let's work on getting you AboveGround."

You got the Knightmare Mark 86!

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