The Look
The Look
You finally make it to the mesa in the center of the island! Now, how to get to the top?

(Requirements: Active Redheaded Ninja Girl Theme, Red Filament, Green Filament, Blue Filament)

Up You Go >


The vegetation surrounding the plateau ends abruptly - as if it just ceases to exist - leaving the mountain on a bare circle of dead land. As you step into the circle, the sounds of the jungle abruptly cease - even the wind stops blowing.

In the deathly quiet, you examine the crumbling dirt beneath you - it's eerily similar to the Wasteland. Devoid of any detail, it's simply dirt - uniform in all ways. Strange, but everything about this island is strange - where are all the Kaiju? Why is there nothing on the island but this foliage? Why are the buildings on this Island covered in decades of dust? You've got a rendezvous to make, though, and it is up there.

Get to climbing >

Part 1

Strength Climb
The winds kick up, threatening to rip you off!
Difficulty: 60 Successes: 50


You plummet through the air.


You continue climbing..

Continue Quest >

Part 2

Range Climb
You struggle to find a place to hold on, as the rock becomes mirror-like in its consistency.
Difficulty: 65 Successes: 40


You plummet through the air.


You continue climbing..

Continue Quest >

Part 3

Levels Climb
You tire as you continue climbing the mesa..
Difficulty: 30 Successes: 110


You plummet through the air.


You finally make it to the top!

Continue Quest >

Part 4

A Link to the Past
You crest the top of the mesa, and roll onto your back, exhausted. Expecting to see the blue sky, you are startled by someone standing over you! You leap to your feet, ready for combat -
- in front of a statue, carved out of the same rock that the mesa is made of. Weather-worn, the statue stands at the edge of the cliff, looking wordlessly towards the edge of the world.

It depicts a woman with long flowing hair, dressed in a military uniform. In an outstretched hand, a flower stands. The inscription at the bottom is barely legible. It looks as if the base has been cracked multiple times - thin, deep holes, as if by some sort of weapon..

"The RNG
-Dedicated to the eight brave heroes who risked everything in the final charge against those that would destroy our world-"

You stand back up, looking into the eyes of the statue. Something about it is so hauntingly familiar - this is the woman you saw while you were in the research lab, but there is something much more than that. A longing - or perhaps a memory - draws you to run a hand softly across her face.

She looks just a little like you..

Call Timmy > (Requirement)

You reach into your pocket for the communicator to call Timmy down - and next to it is a crumpled piece of paper. Where did that come from? You open to read it:

"This time, don't shoot - drop the gun. We walk together."

What? You signal for Timmy, and watch the skies for his arrival…

Is that him up there?

You wave at the twinkle in the sky-

-and the sky parts, and with a thunderous CRACK, you are speared through the chest, pinned to the plinth by a bolt of pure static.

Continue Quest >

Part 5

Mister Tea Level Two
An airship drops from the sky, and off steps Mister Tea. Isn't he supposed to be…? He drops a yellow-and-black device, draws his Reaper Sword, and walks toward you.

You struggle to pull out the shaft, but your hands cannot grab it - rather than a physical bolt, it is a rip in reality, thundering with the same buzz as the shots from your Tiny Bee Weapon, the same as the rips in reality you healed to get here. You pull against it, but it cuts into you even more gravely than it already has.

Mister Tea wordlessly walks towards you, sword drawn. He starts to place a second hand on the hilt, and you realize you can just barely reach your Polar Star..

Fire at Mister Tea Drop your gun >

Inexplicably you draw, then drop, your only defense. Mister Tea halts - sword pre-raised to block your shot - and speaks.

Continue Quest >

Part 6

Time Enough
"Over ten thousand times, and you've always taken the shot." He stops. "Deep down, have you come to terms with your fate? It is a pity that you will never truly understand why this needs to be done." He looks down, and raises his sword.

"Decompiler, Uninstal-"

and then things happen very quickly.

I have Kagamin, Tsukasa, Yuki-chan, and Kona-chan > (Requirement)


The sword comes down, and all goes black..


A Ride plummets from the sky, crashing down where Mister Tea stood. He leaps back in obvious surprise, and four small figures land a split-second later, having tumbled from the plummeting craft. Before he has time to recover, one of the four figures lifts a giant whirring gun, unleashing electric death at a temporarily distracted Mister Tea.

Continue Quest >

Part 7

The Escape
While he is occupied, two more run to you, pulling off their hoods. "Are you SURE they're the one?" says a frantic Yuki-chan to a weapon-laden Kagamin. "Of course they are, look! It's that sailor's uniform! Just like he said!" she yells, pointing to your Special Attack Uniform. "Get that bolt out! We need to leave!" Kagamin turns, drawing twin Tiny Bee Pistols and rushing to the aid of Tsukasa, who is quickly reloading her minigun.

Yuki-chan drops a pack at your side, holstering a Tiny Bee Pistol and pulling out a jar. "Hold still!" She shatters the jar on the ground, and Tiny Bees swarm the bolt, filling it in, shrinking it until she can pull you away from the statue base. They continue to erase the static, until there is nothing left, save for a hole in the inscription - identical to the hundreds of holes already there. "I can't believe what he said was true! You are here! Him! It's all real! We've got to get you off this Island! Hang on!" She stands, signaling to the sky. A second craft lands, but as you both run for it, a line of black fire erupts between you and the ship. Turning to the source, you see Mister Tea, arm outstretched, unleashing eldritch power!

I have The Flash and The Redheaded Ninja Themes > (Requirement)


A pair of voices in your head sing, commanding you into an unlikely position-

- and the flames roil around you, barely missing. What are the odds?

Continue Quest >

Part 8

The Look
Mister Tea raises his sword to the sky, and the mountain rumbles. Tendrils of rock shoot up from the ground, and whirl around you. The figure with the machine gun drops it and cowers. Mister Tea gains ground as your fourth savior rips off her hood, exposing the flyaway hair and eyepatch of Kona-chan. "It's a trick! It's all Genjutsu! Get back!" Tea slashes at her, but she pulls a short knife from who knows where, blocking his strike. With her other hand, she reaches up, and to the cries of "NO!" from her companions, rips off her eyepatch.

"She's got The Look!"

Your eye is struck with a blinding pain, and a muffling wave of energy bursts from their battle. Like a stamp from the heavens, an eleven-pointed seal blasts deep cuts into the mesa, centered around Kona-chan. She looks upward, roaring, and the sky splits, the flakes of a disrupted illusion peeling away to show the reality of the island you are on. The lush foliage vanishes, revealing a field of bones - a massacred civilization, with wiry, desiccated flowers growing from the skulls of the dead. However, that's not what has your attention..

Check out the Battle >

The fight between Kona and Mister Tea has reached a standstill, the two of them, weapons locked. You can't quite see Kona's eyes, but her aura flares and the ground compresses beneath her feet. Mister Tea, however, is another sight.

Continue Quest >

Part 9

Mister Tea Level Zero
Sword-to-sword, he crackles with a malicious energy, and his face - his face is peeling away. As he fights, he rages, voice rising in pitch. "What are you doing? This isn't how it goes!" With a double-stroke, he knocks Kona-chan back, grabbing his own face under his chin. Pulling, his disguise shatters into a million smoke particles-

-and Timmy stands there, pointing his sword at Kona. "You're fighting for the wrong side, half-breed. Not that you'll ever remember why."


You start to charge forward, but Yuki grabs onto you. "WAIT! He'll kill you, like he has countless times before! We've got to run!"

Continue Quest >


Timmy walks calmly up to Kona, slips under a swing- and stabs her in the stomach. Somehow he knew exactly where she'd be, and what she'd do, and his sword was just.. there.


He turns to Tsukasa, who is revving up her minigun, and effortlessly backhands his blade- knocking a single round out of the air, back at her, catching her in the chest. The gun fires wildly, and he steps through the hail of bullets as her gun clatters to the ground.

"Two." He looks at you. "You think you are the only one who gets better every time through, Protagonist? I've killed you more times than even I can remember." Growing up from his shadow is a clone, the Mister Tea you've always known, who continues towards you as Timmy engages Kagamin in combat, deflecting her pistols and striking her down.


Yuki screams at you. "Get out of here! GET OUT OF HERE!" She shoves you hard, and you trip backwards - and start to fall, into a deep crevice cut into the mesa from the destruction. She starts to yell instructions, but Tea lifts her by the neck, pulls her pistol, and points it at your falling form. Before he can fire, however, Yuki triggers a detonator, blowing up her satchel and causing a cave in. Your last view of the outside is Tea, glaring at you, as you hear a sickening crack.


You fall, alone.

You have attained the rank Protagonist.

Check your Missions!

Trophy.jpg You've unlocked the
The Sky Will Strike Trophy!
20 Points

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