The Light Fantastic
The Light Fantastic
Mr. Smith lays down the situation!

(Requirements: The Light Fantastic BillyCon Effect, Mr. Smith)

Listen Up
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Mr. Smith - who never takes off his glasses - talks to you quickly as you walk away from the auditorium.

"The MikuMiku aren't physical beings - they are the embodiment of manufactured discord. They float from Field to Field, devouring the Themes of those unfortunate enough to cross their path. Mindless beings, bent on luring Ninja and siphoning off their Awesome."

"Until now."

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Part 1

Multi-Track Glowslinging
Mr. Smith continues.

"As they have no true form, they can exist in multiple realities at once, allowing them to attack from more than one Field simultaneously. No defense has worked, so we've just been keeping an eye on them, trying to keep their harvest to a minimum.

"Not anymore."

(Smith likes that 'wait for it.. DRAMATIC LINE' thing, you've noticed Does he practice at home?)

The two of you turn a corner, and stop. He draws a glowstick, ignites it with that familiar snap-hiss, and jams it into the wall. "Look at it." (who pays for the wall damage - the convention center? Is there insurance? There has to be insurance..)

Smith interrupts your thoughts. "No. LOOK at it!" You focus, and realize that while Smith - and the Con itself - do not exist on the multiple layers of the Fields, the stick does, floating in nothingness.

"It resonates with the Awesome and Talent of the bearer. A sword that cuts between realities. I'm sure you've seen fights before - whirlwinds of fireflies as you walked the Fields are actually duels between rival packs of MikuMiku."

He pulls a glowstick out of his pocket and hands it to you. "Here, you try it."

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He nods as you twirl it, otherwordly light cascading between your fingers. "That'll do."

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Mr. Smith nods, and hands you both Glowsticks. "Fight them on their terms, and you'll gain their power. Go out into the world, and hunt them down. They'll be attracted to the Music within you. Learn their abilities, confront them at the Con, and get them off our plane of existence."

You think about the one that seemed so different at the Con, that actually helped you.

"Don't worry about that, it was probably just a glitch. They aren't like us, they don't have hearts or minds. Stay focused."

Somehow, you aren't so sure..

You got the Theme Power of Sound!

You can now Glowsling at any time by going to the BillyCon menu!

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