The Land of Baw
Warning: Information found on this page is outdated and might not be in the game anymore.


You see a signpost in the Road - "For those who don't have the time to play in the Arena". Hm. The Arena is tons of fun, but if you really hated it, or didn't have time to play, this might be a path for you..

(NOTE: Doing this Mission will give you allies and the Items required for Special Missions that you'd normally get from the Arena. HOWEVER, it will LOCK YOU OUT OF THE ARENA this Season, barring you from all bonuses and advantages of playing it. You have been warned.)

Follow the Sign >

Oh the Humanity

The path is strewn with fallen warriors. Warriors who lost a fight in the Arena, and came here to cry. People who had their little tootsies stepped on by a Dark Hour warrior, and just can't take it anymore. How many hours did these people blow in that forsaken place? You'll have none of that.

A once-cool-looking mecha pilot grabs your leg. "I used to be Awesome," he sobs, "but then I sat around here too long and gained too much experience being emo, and I just Can't. Go. On. Will you help me overcome these challenges?" Sigh. Anything to finish this Monochrome Academy business, when you don't have the time to putter around in the Arena, amirite? You drag him with you..

Continue Special Mission

The Loss of Powerful Items

You walk the Path of Baw (in the Land of Baw - they aren't too original around here), and there's a box. "Insert 1 Kunai Here", it says.

Really? That's it?

Give up one Kunai (Requirement)

You reluctantly part with it. How many countless hours of gathering Ryo, now lost to this horrible box. -_-

"What the crap?"

Continue Mission >

Tying Your Shoes
The crybaby warrior jumps back. "This.. this is too hard! And, if we fail it, WE LOST THAT KUNAI FROM BEFORE! Aah!"
Difficulty: 2 Successes: 2

Success! You defeat the deadly challenge!

Fail. You trip over your own shoelace - way to be. -_-

Continue Mission >

The Ultimate Challenge

Finally, you come up to a door. The emo battler cringes behind you. There's a button on it that says 'PRESS TO OPEN'. Man, the Arena must have destroyed these people, to make this so hard.

You stop and think about it. If you complete this mission, you'll have bypassed the Arena, and this guy will probably join you. However, if you won enough times in the Arena in one day, he'd join you that way, and probably be much more powerful. Also, something you get here might keep you from enjoying Arena bonuses - you'd only want to continue on here if you were willing to give up the Arena for the rest of the Season.

Push Here

Phew, that was really hard.

Continue Special Mission

At the end of the path, you find a large wheel of stinky cheese. This must be proof of your greatness. You raise the Wheel high. The sobbing ex-mecha-pilot mopes up to you. Now you can beat those Monochrome missions without wading into that scary Arena.

(Besides, who wants to spend all day in there, anyway? Freaks.)

You got Doughman Lvl. 2!

You got the Wheel of Cheese!
(the Wheel lets you pass any Monochrome Mission that requires a Full Moon. It does NOT let you complete the Impossible Mission.)
Suddenly, Doughman shakes off the sadness. "Whoa, what was I thinking, there? Keep that Cheese, but I'm not going to be a big baby, the Arena is my home."

Doughman goes back to Lvl. 1!


  • This mission/quest no longer exists.
  • You only get Doughman back if you had him before doing this mission.
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