The Impossible Mission
The Impossible Mission

DUN. Dun-dun dun dun, dun-duh dun dun DUN (boom BOOM)

(Requirements: Ultimate Showdown Team)

It's the Final Countdown >


It's the Final Countdown. The ultimate mission to raise yourself to Godhood in the Billy World.

Let's Do This. >

Part 1

We're Leaving Together

But Still it's farewell..

I have Billy Lvl. 3 and Emosuke Lvl. 3 > (Requirement)


BUM, ba-nah nah nah naaah…

Continue Quest >

Part 2

Maybe We'll Come Back

to Earth - who can tell?

I am the Leader of an Epic, 50-Ninja Village, with 70 or more Upgrades, and at least 15 of them from Monsters > (Requirement)


BUM, ba-nah nah nah naaah…


You Failed!

Continue Quest >

Part 3

I Guess There Is No One To Blame

We're leaving ground..

I am Sannin, have The Note, The Tote, Bankai, Cobra Kai, all three Sannin themes, Eye of the Storm, Not Wasteland Disease, and have sealed the Spirit of the Nine-Tailed Fox and/or the Spirit of the Demon of the Sand into a Theme.> (Requirement)


BUM, ba-nah nah nah naaah…

Continue Quest >

Part 4

Will Things..

ever be..

My Moon is Full > (Requirement)


BUM, ba-nah nah nah naaah..

Continue Quest >

Part 5

The Same..


You need a moment of pure quiet, on top of the world, for the world to end.

I am a Sannin Leader of my Epic Village, and no Monsters are attacking > (Requirement)


BUM, ba-nah nah nah naaah-CRACK! A portal opens above your Village!

Continue Quest >

Part 6


Suddenly, a horde of Ninja overwhelm your Village! Every single loser, nobody, LOLSTEAL wandering Genin, message board flooding, idling Villager has returned from the Grave to destroy you! The amount of fail in one place actually bends the fabric of the universe, and threatens reality itself!

Suddenly, with a CRACK, a portal opens in the sky! Lightning bolts of pure Awesome pour out, and form into the Eleventy-Billion-Tailed Fox! He vanquishes them all, and stands aside - allowing the portal's energy to rip apart your Village!

Force it to bend to your will - ALONE!

I have the Twilight Bracelet > (Requirement)


You stand ready, holding your arm high!

Continue Quest >

Part 7

One last page exists. The game's creator has asked that its contents be kept secret.

No other requirement than the ones above have to be met to continue.

Requirement Notes

  • The 50-Ninja Village requires you to have 50 Ninja in your village of whom all must count towards the Village Size.


  • There is a final check at the end, a final 40+ ninja check and you cannot be in an all-out-war.

KA-BOOM!: A blinding flash, and your village erupts into a blinding light! When it clears.. everything is gone, and only a Wasteland is left!

  • The Survivors (former Villagers) obtain Survived the Impossible.
  • The Village Leader obtains The Final Countdown and The Touch.
  • Ninja who complete The Impossible Mission may now join other villages. Ninjas who do so may not take Leadership unless they are Protagonists taking Leadership of an IR, which falls under the Protagonist rules instead.
  • There are plans to change the requirements of The Impossible Mission. R00t Rank and a complete set of golden items will also be needed. IT IS NOT IMPLEMENTED YET.
  • You can not blow up an Immortal Realm. The Impossible Mission will not appear in your Quests menu if you are in an Immortal Realm, even if you have the right team. This applies whether you are the Realm's original creator, or if said creator has given you the Realm.


  • This Quest is based on the song "The Final Countdown" by Europe.
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