The Hive
The Hive
The Hive buzzes as you return one of its own!

(Requirements: Tiny Bee)

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The Hive parts, allowing you accesses to the caverns within! The Bees orbit your head, following you deep inside!

Examine the Hive >

Part 1

Returning Home

The Bees buzz all around you, looking for their hivemates..

(WARNING: If you try to end this quest without 3 Tiny Bees, or with already having a Tiny Bee Weapon in hand, you will just waste your Stamina, and get nothing. Watch out.)

I have 3 Tiny Bees > (Requirement - note that you do not lose your Tiny Bees, you just have to have them)


The Bees revisit their family, but decide to stay with you! They buzz approvingly.


You are pushed out by the swarm, to go find the rest of their brothers.

Continue Quest >


The Bees whirl, and floating in front of you is a huge Weapon! As you grab it, the Bees rejoin their Hive and vanish!

You got the Tiny BeeZooka!

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